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Ketosis - Good or Bad?

People I live with have noticed that my breath smells heavily of acetone. This is symtomatic of ketosis. It is induced by a lack of glucose, and the body reverts to burning stored fat for energy. The resulting excess of fatty acid in the bloodstream causes the scented breath.

Supposedly, being in this state burns fat – and so long as you eat plenty of protien, will maintain muscle.

Now, what is the opinion here on training in a state of ketosis?

Neither good nor bad, simply unnecessary.

It’s also a symptom of diabetes. If you don’t expect to be in ketosis, that is, you aren’t on a ketogenic diet, there might be a serious problem. You need to make sure you’re not excreting glucose in your urine, a sign that your body can’t process glucose. They sell Diastix at the pharmacy which test for BOTH glucose and ketones at the same time. Or see your doctor.

It’s not the excess fatty acids in the blood which cause the bad breath. If anything you probably have FEWER fatty acids in the bloodstream since you’re burning them off. Ketosis tends to drop triglyceride levels. It’s actually the ketones being exhaled from the lungs that cause the acetone smell.