ketosis for gaining?

Okay, I read Alessi’s suggestion a month back and felt like experimenting, because I’m coming off a cutting cycle so I should be primed for mass gains. anyway, I looked at his recommendations and at 175 lbs., I’d have to consume about 250 g protein and 400 (!!!) g fat a day! I realized one of the only ways to get enough fat for a sudanese village was to subsist like a rodent, eating only seeds and nuts. Does anyone have any viable 4500 k/cal ketogenic meal plans? I prefer solid food to shakes, so I kept those to post-workout.

here’s a rudimentary plan:
meal one: fat/protein
1 chub sausage 72/72
meals two through four
1 cup nuts/seeds 80/28
meal five
8 oz steak 15/40
olive oil topped 15/0
pesto topped 15/0
post w.o. shake: 0/55 (BCAA + ALA + Whey)
bedtime: 10 fish caps, 2 tbspn flax-- 35/0
total fat/protein: 392/251
total k/cal: 4532

that’s it, but that’s insane. I didn’t include the daily box of alkaseltzer. also, around here, I can get beef for $2.50/lbs, sausage for $5/lbs, but nuts are like $5-8/lbs and I’d be going through almost 2 lbs a day! has anybody else tried this?

Personally Id use more shakes so I could use heavy whipping cream as fats. If you do this in a pure protein powder it wont result in fat gain, especially if going into ketosis. Its relatively cheap and has tons of calories. I use it in many of my diets with a shake. Its old school but it works.


i’m actually attempting this now, but since i just started monday, i can’t say much. i’ve done two workouts, and i can’t say i feel any worse than when i used surge for workouts. keep in mind i’m using 40g BCAAs during the workout with some glutamine, and then 3 scoops grow, 40-60g glutamine, and 5g creatine post-workout. oh, and this ain’t no pussy workout. let’s just say it makes GVT look kinda wussy lol.

I’ve been getting a bit over 5k calories a day, but i wannt try to get up to 6k.

and dude, nuts are useful while bulking, but don’t depend on them. it’s really not good to have that much polys in your diet.

anyway, sausage, bacon, eggs, steak, and full fat ground beef is your friend. cheddar cheese also works well. if you want, you can make smoothies with coconut oil, coconut milk, a little berries (1/4 cup), two eggs, and use a blender. it tastes decent, and it’s got like 1k calories in it.

anyway, never done this before, but i’m hoping it works well. i’ve never been terribly comfortable taking all that sugar that’s in surge. if i can use BCAAs instead, then i’m quite happy.

but short report: so far so good. i can keep you posted on this if you’d like. i have someone i know trying this with me. they think so far it’s decent…i can keep you posted on that, too.

A resource for you guys is the book “Natural Hormonal Enhancement” by Rob Faigin, only available on the 'Net (not Amazon or local bookstores). It’s self published and extremly well done, one of the best dietary resources in my library. Do a search for the best price.

Rob’s approach to bulking is very low-carb, with refeeds. He provides very precise numbers.

What was Alessi’s article called? I am trying to find information regarding ketosis but i can’t seem to find adequate information to begin ketosis. Thnks in advance guys

PP, if you’d like a list of all the articles on T-Mag written by Alessi, check out my post, “Enhanced/Advanced Searches on T-Mag” in the Tips & Tech Support Forum.