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Ketosis Foods


hey guys, i struggle with losing weight i have lost a good 24 pounds since i started trying but i started trying months ago,
i now want to try going into ketosis as its a highly effective way of losing weight,

i am aware that you are meant to have zero or next to zero carbs for two weeks then you can have a small amount, then you work out your maintenance level

but im not 100% sure on how to go about it,
like what foods should i eat during the first two weeks, and is it important to have exactly 80% fats and 20% protein that seems like a small amount of protein to me or a hellava lot of fat

and after the two weeks when (and if) im in ketosis what foods can eat then and can i increase protein?

any help i would be highly grateful for thanks very much


Search, "Regressive Ketogenic Cycle".



being in ketosis offers no "metabolic advantage" over non-ketogenic diets

that ratio isn't important or necessary, set protein to 1-1.5g per lb and make fat the rest of you calories. don't worry about percentages.

1) ketosis doesn't matter, forget about it
2) yes, keep protein up throughout

finally, the most important thing wrt fat loss is creating a caloric deficit. without that, you won't lose anything.


Keep calories low, make sure you get enough protein and the essential fatty acids. There's no need to aim to get to ketosis mode lose fat. Say that you're going to burn more fat in ketosis mode (theoretically), but you need to eat much more calories (from fats) just to get there, so any little benefits of being in ketosis is outweighed by the sheer amount of calories you need to get there. And don't be afraid to eat some carbs. There's absolutely no need to aim for zero carbs per day, unless a very high level competing bodybuilder.

Even so, most of the bodybuilders I know do eat some carbs during their contest prep. Just make sure you get them mostly around your workouts. Any disadvantages of eating some carbs are outweighed by the improvements of the quality of your workouts.


I can say from being in a ketogenic state, that it isn't worth it. THere will probably someone who comes in here and sees my post as shitty advice, but I will share with you some alternatives to consider. The Anabolic DIet is good, becasue there are Carb up days and such. Carb Cycling though for the win. Being in Ketosis is very unhealthy. I will post up my so+urces for this in a little while.


Read this thread:


and listen to the interview with Lyle McDonald, this is much better than me basterdizing Lyle's work to counter the statements made above. I think his book and credentials with keto diets speak for themself.


Ketogenic Diets can be bad if you don't know what your doing, it is very easy to fuck them up.

But that doesn't mean they don't work, you just have to know what your doing. They've worked well for me in the past, and for many other people/members as well.

Above posters,

If they haven't worked for you, fair enough, but that doesn't meant that they will not work for the OP.



Well, it might work for the OP, and I don't have anything against being in ketosis, but it's the "must get to ketosis, and must take almost non-existent carb to lose fat" mentality that's a bit worrying. Amount of protein and calorie intake should be his first priority.


That's exactly how a Ketongenic diet is designed. First priority is total Kcal, second the amount of protein, then third is other macros (mostly fat).

Keto diet is not Zero carbs, the carbs just come from certain high fiberous green vegetables that have a minimal carb content.

No one is telling him he must do a ketogenic diet, or must cut out all carbs.

His question was about Ketosis, which means he looked into it himself before starting this thread, no one is trying to force this on him. I'm just providing information to the question he asked.



the point i want to make is that getting into ketosis isn't the goal per se, it's losing fat.

fat loss can occur in or out of ketosis, you can even GAIN fat while in ketosis. as such, whether or not one is in ketosis is a non-issue, because the point of being on a diet is losing fat. if ketosis is a side effect of your fat loss diet, that's fine. but if the scale is going down, yet you aren't in ketosis, what difference does it make?


It doesn't make a difference what road you take if your goal is loosing fat, as long as you do loose the fat. But the fact still remains, that the title of this thread is about KETOSIS!

If the guy wanted to know about Carb Cycling or something else, then he would have named the thread differently, or asked a totally different question.



I think ketosis has gotten a bad wrap as being just a gimmicky word for a fad diet. Regardless if it works for some and not for others (which it does and doesn't), i think the important thing is to remember what the word ketosis means physiologically. It's a sign that the body has begun changing pathways of metabolism so as to be able to use the increased fat it is releasing from it's stores more readily. So, if one wants to lose fat, this could be a good sign in general to see.


thanks every one after thinking into it alot i think im not going to force ketosis i am just going to up my meat intake and not eat any heavily processed foods that way even if i dont lose weight super fast i will still be getting healthier at a steady rate,
cheers for advice people