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Ketosis Diet, Ready. (?)


Ok iv been doing research lately, and looking at what people are eating for their ketosis diets and this is what iv created.

- 4 whole eggs, scrambled with hot sauce
- protein shake

Meal 1
- Can of Tuna
- Cup of Brocolli

Meal 2
- Protein Shake with 1 tbl spoon omega 3 oil
- 10 almonds

Meal 3
- chicken breast
- salad covered in hot sauce (trust me, i love this thing)

Meal 4
- Protein shake with 1 tbl spoon omega 3 oil

Meal 5
- Cup of brocoli or other veggies

Now sometimes before bed, il eat a cup of cottage cheese with fat free yogurt covered in Cinnamon powder. Im 21, 6 feet tall and 200lbs and i just wanna get lean now. I supplement with multis, zinc and omega 3 and 6.

Is this a good way to start off my diet? Now this is my non work out day, on my work out day an hour before i will eat a cup of rice (35g of carbs) and a cup of rice afterwards (just so i can still gain a little size at the gym) . So on those days i consume about 70 grams of carbs (thats without the trace carbs)

Opinions? lower something? increase carbs to 100 on workout days? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I would change meal 4 - drop the protein shake and rather have a serving of red meat. Steak, beef etc. It will give you slower release amino acids, and also read meat is usually a staple on any keto diet..

Also, carbs sound a bit high for getting into ketosis.

Maybe look into the anabolic diet and keep carbs ultra low (below 25 grams per day) during the week, and then high carbs on the weekend. This diet is not stricly a ketosis diet, but works well for cutting and maintaing muscle. Jump onto the anabolic diet thread and ask those guys for some advice.

Good luck!


Im only eating those carbs on workout days, which are mon wed friday, is that still a problem?



Do more research on ketosis


Check out the bodyrecomposition site, Lyle McDonald has loads of info about ketogenic diets and recommendations on amouts of carbs to be eating depending on how you funtion in ketosis, the bottom line is everyone's different and some need more carbs than others.