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Ketosis and breath

I’ve read some webpages about the smell that your breath emits while on ketosis, it was described as “fruity” and sometimes as “a mix between apples and nail polish”

I normally don’t have bad breath (least I haven’t heard any complains from da ladies! OH YEA!!!)

Well I have bad breath and am on practically no carbs (cept for “sugar free” breath mints and low carb grow), but my breath doesn’t smell like applies, it smells more like burning (guessing that the burning is coming from my body burning ketones/fat or what not?). If someone could enlighten me on this I’d appreciate it, maybe tell me if their breath also smelled like burning or what not.

peace (too weak to fight, need carbs)

It’s acetone, I reeked of the stuff. I guess that’s what happens when you’re burning ketones for fuel eh? :slight_smile:

This might sound like an idiot question but right now it fits with my mental capacity so whatever.

This breath deal seems to be very similar to the breath I have after a heavy night of drinking. I’ve done some research and learned that alcohol gets converted into ketones and then used for fuel. So then you get ketosis breath and ketosis leakage (this word makes me laugh hehe) anywho here comes the perhaps idiotic question, if I get pulled over to a cop and they do a breathalyzer will it show up as me being drunk? I don’t know what the breathalyzer tests for (specifically), and since there are ketone strips to test for the stuffi n the urine I wonder if the breathalyzer works on the same principle. (I’d probably not submit to a breathalyzer without “a lawyer present” anyway).

during ketosis you are releasing acetone in your breath, so the smell would be similar to nail polish

My wife affectionately refers to it as “dog breath” if that gives you any hint.

I’d say my breath more closely resembles dog POOH while no-carbing. It just bad, no acetone, no fruit, just shitty.