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Ketosis + alcohol = :)

Good news for us ketogenic dieters who like to have a drink now and again:

I copied this from the FAQ section of the Dr.Atkins diet webpage:

“Will drinking alcohol affect ketosis?
No and yes. The liver can make ketones out of alcohol, so technically, when you drink you’ll continue to produce ketones and so will remain in ketosis. The problem is … alcohol converts more easily to ketones than fatty acids, so your liver will use the alchol first, in preference to fat. Thus, when you drink, basically your FAT burning is put on hold until all the alcohol is out of your system.
This rapid breakdown of alcohol into ketones and acetaldehyde (the intoxicating by-product) … tends to put low carbers at risk for quicker intoxication … especially if no other food is consumed to slow absorption.”

If you’re like me, I’ve always tried to avoid any alcohol while in Ketosis because I thought it would completely screw everything up, but now I won’t mind having a few shots of Vodka whenever I go out with some friends. Sure makes ketogenic dieting easier when you don’t mind having a drink every now and then to break the monotony of a strick diet.

i don’t get how this is good. when you’re drinking, fat burning is put on hold. how is this good?

My bad, it wasn’t actually the Dr.Atkins webpage, but here it is if anyone wants to check it out on their own:



its not good … fat loss will stop

but its not killer either

Are you referring to a Keto-enol tautomerization?

Morg - obviously alchohol isn’t on the top 10 things to consume while leaning up, but if you have done a keto diet - you know that the first couple of days are spent getting into ketosis. Now, keeping that in mind - the holidays are near, and it’s always key to find a way to be sociable and/or let your guard down a little bit while on the same coin, not completely porking your diet. So if doing the keto-style diet is your thing, all cassius is saying is - there is a little gray area to “dabble” in.

On a side note, I remember the first time I found that little fact out with keto+alchohol…I suddenly became the cheap date…hehehe.

exactly, alot of us know how hard it is to be sociable while in ketosis and how much it sucks to think you’re not allowed ANY alcohol.