ketogenic dieting

According to Dr. Atkins, caffeine can keep your body from going into ketosis. What do you all think?

It has not done that with me. I take ECA type stuff and drink a heap of coffee AND I am deep purple on the stix…


Actually what I think the Atkins program says is that caffiene will cause cravings, not stop ketosis. Just my opinion…

I don’t think its the caffeine, I think it was the source of caffeine. I think he goes into detail about how diet soda can keep you out of ketosis. I have never had problems getting into ketosis while drinking mass quantities of coffee or whatever.

atkins is dead…who cares?

I disagree. I think it had more to do with aspartame and some of the other sweeteners as a lot of keto worshippers have a tendency to load up on diet soda. It’s been a while since I’ve been strict low-carb but when I did it I never had any problems with either one.

That said, I wouldn’t go hog wild on caffeine either. I used to do 6-12 cans daily of diet soda as well as E/C. I’ve been off E/C completely for a few months now and I only consume 1-2 caffeine-free diet Pepsis on weekends and it is amazing how much better I feel.