ketogenic diet

I am the product of “old school training”, eat right, exercize everything 3 times a week 3 sets of 10. At 23, i am now mining a wealth of nutrition and training info here at t-mag (on a Doc’s recommedation non the less) and am following “creation of a t man” and “foods that make you look good naked” and feeling great. -ya’ll would love what we were taught in nutrition here at USM (plenty of pictures of body builders ODed on vitimin B) which leads me to the question at hand.

ketogenic diet, I thought that having ketones in you piss was an extremely BAD thing, people dieing, ect. Is this just media hype, or is the diet just intended for short term use? Do you ever get over the feeling of death that accompanies the plan? I compromised with a big bowl of oat meal in the morning then cutting carbs out for the day, with good results i may add. I would like to cut down later (im bulking now, and confident i may add)

The second request is a recommedation for a book on exersizes/tenique. I find myself asking profound questions like “what is a good morning, skull crushter, hack squat…ect” If i see something i like, i do it and make up a name -Hey it works, gotta write down something.

Thanks for help
-may i achieve the ranks of glory