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Ketogenic Diet, Need Help with Macros

Hello Coach Paul, I’ve a question, I’m 42 295 lbs 5’10" sedentary job, and I go 4 days to the gym and day cardio. I’m consuming 25+ carbs from greens and cabbage protein 200 grams I was doing 180 now I think it’s way low. Fat lower than 100, I’m doing split training, just started lifting to achieve hypertrophy 12 reps 4 sets to failure if posible. But I’ve been super hungry after gym days. (specifically appear body days) to the point that I start eating all my Lil girls ice cream. Maybe it’s not enough? Thanks. I was 465 lbs I just finished my last meal and I’m hungry still. Water I drink a lot. Minerals and vitamins also supplements

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