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Ketogenic Diet and Starch?


Does it matter what your carb source is on a ketogenic diet? I know you have to limit your total carbs to around 30 grams or so, but does it matter what the carbs are from?

I ask because I was thinking of just having 20 grams or so of sweet potatoes each day to take care of most of my carbs (plus a ton of leafy greens). The only other thing I eat is meat and butter, so I'm not getting any "hidden carbs".

My total carbs per day would be around 30 grams, but they would be starchy. Is that a problem? I ask because people always say to avoid starchy veggies on a keto diet... but is that only because they are so easy to overdo? If I limit them to 20 grams, would there be a problem?


It doesn't matter where your carbs come from, as long as they're under 5% of your daily caloric intake, which is usually 25-50g per day.


youd be better off sticking with just green veg's simply because there more nutritious .


You don't have to hit 30g of carbs on a keto diet, you just have to stay below (assuming adequate protein intake). Taking in carbs other than green vegetables (leafy or cruciferous) on a keto diet is IMHO a complete waste of time.