Ketogenic and Training

What is the best kind o training to do along with a ketogenic diet with fat loss being the result? Any insights or links to t-mag articles would help. Thanks in advance.

German Body Comp. I think it’s the best type of training for fat loss regardless of diet. Just go to “Previous Issues” and type it in the search engine.

i think with any diet, where fat loss is the goal and muscle maint. is key, still lift heavy. your recovery will most likely be down with keto diet, so heavy and infrequent.
you might look at bev intl web sight, not exactly keto but i have kicked butt on it for the last 5 months. good luck

see if you can find Manley Weight Loss in a book store it is by Coach Polouquin

Moe: In my experience, there’s no way you could sustain any kind of high volume (i.e., german body comp/manly weight loss) training while on a keto diet. You simply won’t have enough glycogen in your muscles to sustain them. I’ve found the BodyOpus plan (high intensity, low volume workouts monday and tuesday morning, depletion workout before weekend carbup) to work very well, and even that feels like pushing it in terms or workload.