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Ketogenic and 36hr Pulse Fast


Hi was just wondering, will doing a pulse fast increase the rate you body goes into ketogenic state? The reason I ask this question, was a couple of months back, I read an article, on T-Nation about how bodybuilders use insulin injections throughout the day to drop it in Ketosis, and how a natural person could use eaa to get a similar effects, Obviously! not the same effect as you would insulin. So my school of thought is that if you do a pulse fast with eaa a day before you start the ketogenic diet, you should be able to get into ketosis maybe half day quicker or a day quicker than normal.

p.s I am only guessing this would happen. please feel free to comment


It was not EAA that was able to induce ketosis, it was leucine. This was due to the high insulin secretion upregulating glycolysis (and thus the breakdown of glucose) while leucine itself would never turn into glucose (being a ketogenic amino acid). So pulsing leucine would cause glucose to be used and eventually depeleted, resulting in ketosis.

I am not sure if a pulse fast would induce ketosis faster than just regular fasting (to use a comparison). It does have a very high insulin seceretion rate and a high leucine content, but other amino acids could potentially turn into glucose. However limited.

Although I would think adding EAA or more leucine to the pulse fast would be futile. It is already loaded with it.


Thanks for the reply, obviously didn't read the article properly. I think I misused the term pulse fast tho, I didn't mean using the MAG-10, I meant replacing it with eaa. It just that the casein hydroslate is a bit pricey. The eaa I buy is very high in leucine. Might try two 36hr pulse fast one with just eaa and one with just leucine, and see if there are any difference, or do you think this would be pointless?


Glucose dispersal agents might also help in this regard. My instinct says you should try it and report back. But I'm not sure how you would know if it worked, cause it's not a precursor of ketosis to show ketones in urine.