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Ketogenesis part 1


I have a couple of questions regarding ketogenesis-diets that I would love to know the answer on, in case you have the time.

  1. At the time I get up in the morning, I take a tablespoon with fish-oil (approx. 20-30 grams), which is about an hour before I start cardio. Will this table-spoon with fish-oil and lots of water taken one hour before cardio on otherwise empty-stomach in the morning slow down fat-burning, or perhaps quite the contrary accelerate fat-burning?

2. I weigh about 190 pounds or so. Approximately how much protein should I aim for while on a ketogenesis-diet? And approx how much fat each day?

  1. Where does the limit for protein-amounts approximately go before the liver turn so much of it into carbs that it throws me out of the ketogenesis-state?

  2. Since thyroid-hormones is going down during a ketogenesis-diet, I guess supplementing with them is a smart move, right? Is there any contradictions between ketogenesis and thyroid supplementation?

5. What about the protein of choice? Is all whey-protein likely to end up as carbs since it is such a fast protein and the liver is such furiously looking for carbs in ketogenesis so that whey should be avoided, or should I just stick with the regular whey/casein combo? Only casein? Only whey?

Best regards,
Von Nordstrom