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Keto/Zinc Question and Saturated Fats



I am currently running a CKD and love it. The amount of nuts and beef I eat though has its fair share amount of Zinc in it and my question regarding this is do i need to supplement with zinc? I usually take 25mg of zinc and 250mg of magnesium before bed to help me sleep and for recovery but have been reading that too much zinc (in excess of 50mg a day) Can be quite harmful.

Also, had someone try to argue with me about how keto diets are bad for you because of all the saturated fats you consume (affecting cholesterol and all) and I was curious about this too. What makes a keto diet safe to run, as you are mostly eating high fatty foods and a lot of those are saturated fats.


Only blood work will tell you if you are deficient in something or have a poor cholesterol profile. Keto improves most peoples profile but can be disastrous for a very small minority. If you’re eating zinc rich foods I wouldn’t bother supplementing with it personally