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Keto vs the Anabolic Diet?


which is better? There technically the same because if your that low in carbs you'll hit ketosis. The anabolic diet seems like a little bit of a less technical version where you dont follow a specific carb up like have a certain amount every day and right after your depletion workout also keto has a specific workout...if anyone can chime in thanks.


i have no experience on the anabolic diet, but i made incredible fat loss with ketogenic diets, as long as you gauge your strength level on the gym and don't spend more than 8 weeks on ketosis(on my experience) you will be fine.


Firstly, The Anabolic Diet is not designed to be a ketogenic diet. The macros are not that of a traditional ketogenic diet, and ketosis is not a goal of The Anabolic Diet. Secondly, when you say 'keto', are you referring specifically to McDonald's "The Ketogenic Diet"?


Yes not bodyoedupus or however you spell it...if your that low in carbs you'll hit ketosis


You should read The Ketogenic Diet to discover why what you said isn't true. Read both, learn, and understand the differences. Or just pick one arbitrarily -- they're both good.


ive read them i have the anabolic diet book and anabolic soultion also lyles the ketogenic diet book. There both high fat medium-high protein, the only difference is in keto its 1 gram of protein per pound of bw or per .9 grams, the anabolic diet its 30-40% of you caloric needs. The rest is fat in both with a little carbs coming from veggies or light bread. The only difference really is the carb up


Consider this interview regarding The Anabolic Diet and ketosis: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_interviews/power_talk_part_ii_an_interview_with_dr_mauro_dipasquale

Anyways, you've read both. Pick the one that best suits your lifestyle/schedule.


thanks bro for the article.