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Keto vs High Blood Pressure

Does anybody know something about raising blood pressure levels after began keto?

Additional facts:

  • type 2 diabetic (~110 mg/dl morning, fasted)
  • second week on keto
  • I found something related explaining that this is temporary and occurs due to the stress on switching from carbs to fat fuelled
  • Another info I founded is that this is related to lack of potassium
  • I am not on ketosis yet
  • protein ~150-170 g; carbs < 50 g; fats: the remaining until reach my deficit intake

Any help will be appreciated

Do you have a history of high blood pressure?

This does happen with some folks but can equally normalise after a short period, especially if you mind your saturated fat intake.

If you are using keto to counteract the type 2, why not consider fasting? You should check out some of the work by Jason Fung, which backs up a lot of anecdotal material about type 2 being reversed in a few weeks.

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I do ~15-16/9-8 IF.
Blood sugar already decreased from 190 to 103 mg/dl today. 22 of 30 days trial (sadly plus one muckbang and another half muckbang events).

Hopping that this is temporary, as you said. I realized that the highest blood pressure levels registered were the ones after a dinner with bacon and/or deli meat. This is reasonable because insulin is still high so, kidneys are still gathering salt.

Thank you james

Dr Ken D Berry has great you tube infos on keto among other health topics. a real MD for over 20 years + one of his books Lies My Dr told me tells you what he thinks about todays “sick care” system