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Keto vs Carb Cycling

I’m currently 205-210 lbs 12-13% bf, and finishing up a bulk right now and beginning my cut on sunday. I plan to cut for 4-6 weeks and am curious as to your opinions when it comes to choosing a diet. I’ve read thib’s carb cycling codex and also some keto articles on the internet so i have a general idea about both methods but which is superior when it comes to maintaining muscle mass? I’m not looking to get down to 4-5% bf, just a 4-6 week cut to lean out for summer.


If you JUST finished bulking (and you added on at least 10-15 lbs) I would advise you to eat at maintenance and NOT simply jump into a cut, else you are more likely to lose the muscle you did gain during the bulk.

I guess it also depends on how drastic your cut is.

how many carbs are you currently eating while bulking? I ask because it may be easier to just cut back on total serving sizes. Add some cardio and viola.

sorry for not posting that in my original

my current carb breakdown looks like this

3 low days, 2 moderate days and 2 high days

low day -260
mod day - 350
high day - 440

They’re both good at maintaining.

I’m with Alwyn Cosgrove and several others on this one. Once you’ve built muscle and kept it for a substantial amount of time, it’s very easy to maintain it, even on a very-low-calorie diet.

Perhaps very advanced men will have a problem with maintaining muscle mass, but not beginning and intermediate men.

Both approaches work. A ketogenic approach might work faster.

And it’s not only a matter of which one is better? Which one do you LIKE better? Which one do you think you can LIVE WITH.

Personally, I would just lower the carbs I had on each day and maybe only have 1 high day each week. Also, I would hit the cardio hard, being that you only plan on cutting for 4 weeks.

Keto’ing can work, of course. Its just a completely different dietary set up to what your doing now.

IME, I happen to hold on to my strength better with carbs in my daily diet or at least with carb ups here and there.