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Keto & Training

Hey guys, can anyone tell me what the best workout to use during a keto diet is? I’m apprehensive to lift heavy thinking I’m gonna burn up my lean mass. Should I be concerned? I’m currently at a relatively high BF%, but I also have a decent amount of LBM (5’8", 242 lbs., 26% BF). Obviously my focus over the next few months is to cut BF, but I don’t want to lose much strength or LBM. Any help or suggested articles would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

I would try Joel Marion 5x5 training.

I’ll 2nd the 5X5!

If you’re worried about losing mass, try to find a way to track your bodyfat. I use Fat Track calipers ($25). Take a reading once a week. If you seem to be losing lbm, then you need to up your calories.

i would include 5x5 in a periodized routine. depending on how many weeks you plan on dieting. i would also include 6x2 and 2x8. all low vloume heavy training that will preserve and may actually build strength.

i am keto dieting right now and im having great results with 6x2-4.

Thanks for the advice guys!

What about Meltdown training?

Meltdown without carbs does not sound very tempting in my ears…I`m doing Meltdown right now, and believe me, I need my carbohydrates!

I heard the 5x5 method works very well.

I was training Westside and using mag 10 and hot rox.

I lost 10 pounds but got stronger on all my lifts.

which is better? probably 5 x 5 if you want to preserve lbm, but i wouldn’t rule out westside.

you’ll have to experiment on your own.

5x5 or Haycock’s HST are my two favourites.

Any relative-strength protocol.

5x5 is good. Also check out Poliquin’s “Maximal Weights” article.

Unless you’re using it as a depletion workout for a CKD I’d say meltdown would be one of the worst programs to try while on a keto diet.