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Keto to Carbs and Indigo-3G

Hi there I live in Australia. I’ve been consistently lifting for 2 years 4/5 days per week . I’ve lost 47 kg and gone from 56 to 31 percent body fat . I’ve been following the keto gains macro protocol which for me is 160 G protein , 25 g carbs and 50 g fat … I recently read an article on nutrient partitioning and insulin resistance and the Indigo-3G product . I would really like to lose another 10 percent fat and use the indigo to help me achieve the results I want . I don’t want to have to eat in such a calorie deficit forever !!! I just wanted some advice on what carbs to introduce into my diet when the supplement arrives and when and how much to take . Most of the articles are aimed at men and I’m keen to hear from some ladies out there . Thanks in advance

Hi, moldavite13!

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