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Keto Sucks, Now to Get Back to Where I Was


Greetings everyone!
My Name is Darrin, and I used to be 270 lbs of flab after cancer and quitting smoking. I worked out with P90X for the first 90 days and lost 50 lbs, then X3 a couple times, then moved to Body Beast with Sagi Kalev. I made it down to 175-ish lbs and about 18% BF. I wanted to get rid of the last bit of flab and get toned up and then add clean mass… well I tried Keto and found it really isnt for an Endomorph body type. So I blew back up to 190 plus and 25% BF at least. I have been struggling to get back down to 180-ish so i can focus on stripping to be ready for clean bulking, but Im having MAJOR issues losing ANY weight and still being able to work out.
I was working 12 hr shifts at night,and getting the majority of my carbs after my workouts in the afternoon before work, but now that Im on 8 hr days shift my workouts are at 330 am and Im not sure when to get the bulk of my carbs in.
My stats are: 6ft tall, 195 lbs (( Currently )), 52 yrs old. My maintenance calories are 2800-ish according the Harris Benedict Equation, with a 1.55 activity level. I have been doing 2500 daily calories, with a macro setting of 30c/20f/50p. Im on my 8th week of the program and havent budged on the scale or the measuring tape. Im planning on doing the Carb Cycling routine I found here [https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/carb-cycling-for-fat-loss].
Should I stay with the Body Beast, or go with P90X for this? Any and all suggestions are appreciated!!



Keto isn’t easy for anyone. Your body type has nothing to do with it. Good luck!


I’d be careful about jumping from diet to diet when it’s coupled with yoyoing. Do what was working for you and eat a bit less food but remember, the leaner you get the more precise you need to be.

Usually it’s this precision that trips up people, not what composition of food is going into your mouth.


“Tried Keto”

That is a vague term with no meaning. Many individuals who “Try Keto”…

  1. Never get into ketosis because they don’t follow and maintain the right macro percentages.

  2. Don’t follow it long enough; they only try it for a few day an quit. Nothing works in a few days.


…make great points.

  1. It isn’t easy.

  2. Your body type has NOTHING to do with it.

An Additional Issue

You appear to blame other things for your failure rather than accepting the fact that yourself.

In “Trying” anything, you need to consider that you may have not followed the program (correct macro percentages) nor followed the program long enough to obtain results.

As Expected

  1. You are “Insulin Resistant”; you body is ineffective at handling glucose/carbohydrates.

  2. After Trying Keto, you increased your carbohydrates too high. Research show that transitioning back to carbohydrates needs to be performed slowly. When a large around of carbohydrates are immediately reintroduced to your diet dramatically increases body fat and body weight.

The research findings indicate that reintroduction of carbohydrates starts with 100 gram per day. After you body adjust, increase it to 200 gram of carbs per day, etc.

As you should know, part of your weight gain is “Water Weight”, due to “Carb Loading”.

Metabolic Equation Are Flawed

Metabolic equation provide you with flawed information. A more effective method is…

The Three Day Recall Diet

  1. Count all the calories you consume for three days. Then divide by 3 to determine you Average Daily Caloric Intake.

  2. If you are gaining weight; you consuming a surplus.

  3. If you are losing weight; you are in a deficit.

  4. If you are maintaining the same weight; you in a caloric balance.

The 20% Rule

Drs John Ivy and Layne Norton determined that the most effective method of ensuring maintaining muscle mass while maximizing fat loss/weight loss is to reduce your caloric intake 20%.

Ironically, the reverse is true. Maximizing muscle mass/gaining body weight and minimizing fat gain occurs with an 20% increase in calories.

Research shows that rotating calorie intake up and down every two weeks enable you to lose fat/weight and maintain muscle mass.

The foundation of this research is build on…

The General Adaptation Syndrome

That means the body will adjust to any new stimulus. When it does progress STOPS.

Essentially, it is a…

Yo-Yo Diet For Weight Gain or LOSS

Your weight gain occurred because you decrease you calorie intake and carbohydrate intake.

You followed the decrease in calories and carbohydrates with essentially a “Bulk Up Program”; which worked.

You can and will obtain results by NOW decreasing your calorie intake and limiting your carbohydrate (since you are Insulin Resistant).

“The Keto Diet Sucks”

I’ve been on the Keto Diet for 21 months for a health reason. I went through a learning phase. It took me time to adjust to the Keto Diet. So, I have some empathy and understanding.

I now enjoy the diet.

However, I don’t recommend the diet. That because it is so restrictive and hard to follow.

The harder you make something for someone, the less likely are are to stick with it.

One of the easiest diet protocols is…

Intermittent Fasting

No food preparation necessary. Just skip a meal every now and then; which everyone has done at some point.

Kenny Croxdale



The majority of individual have a one dimensional view on this.

They overlook the fact that “Yo-Yoing” has been followed for decades by Bodybuilders for gaining muscle mass and cutting body fat.

The Take Home Message

Yo-Yoing works when implemented correctly.

When implemented incorrectly it magnifies the problem.

Kenny Croxdale


One other thing: let’s deal with your training a little bit. P90X is an okay-ish thing (certainly better than nothing, if that’s what got you off the couch in the first place) but it’s not a program that’s likely to keep you progressing over the long term.



It is a very effective method for decreasing body fat and weight.

That because P90X is a…

Metabolic Training Program

Due to the intensity of the program with short rest periods, it burn calorie during training.

Even of greater importance is the effect it produces with…

Excess Post Oxygen Consumption, EPOC

This amounts to “Over Charging Your Metabolic Credit Card”; you end up burning more calories for hours after the your training session, burning more body fat.

Research has demonstrated that program like P90X burn up to 9 time more calories post workout than a low level activity.

Kenny Croxdale


Okay I feel like we skipped a few steps here.

  1. Congrats on beating cancer and smoking!
  2. Grats on getting off your but and losing nearly 100lbs.

Now that’s out of the way. You likely didn’t do keto the “right” way. Most people end up doing a really high protein PSMF style diet and not keto macros.

Also if you ate nearly no carbohydrates for a spell while losing 95lbs (270->175) I can guarantee you were likely glycogen and water depleted. When you began eating carbs again your muscles/liver pulled in a lot of water with the glycogen. I’m betting half of your 15lb weight rebound (175->190) was water, if not more.

If keto isn’t for you no big deal. Your best bet now is to try and find a new “set weight” at maintainance. So try to “reverse diet” a bit. See if you can add 50 calories/day per week and up your activity levels and see if you can hold 190lbs for as long as possible. Then try and cut a bit more.