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Keto Style Diet

So basically I am working on running something fits my goals and is something a beginner like myself can deal with.

I am going to run a keto style diet for the first two weeks and see how things go. Thus far I have done two workouts and am seem to be able to get through them with pushing myself and not overdoing it(a huge issue for me in the past). Anyway I have based alot of it off of ideas and suggestions on this site and understand that is more about getting in the gym then reading. I am learning that alot.

Monday Workout - Squat 3x6-8, Chinups 25 reps compression set(used to do 20), Incline Press - 3x8-10, HS curl - 2x8-10, Pushups - 2 to fail, BB Curls 2x15, Farmer’s Walks 4 sets

Tuesday is either off or yoga

Wednesday - Shoulder Press - 3x6-8, BB Row 2x8-10, Hip Thrust 2x10, Dips 2 to fail, BB curl 2x15, Calf 2x20, Farmers Walks

Thursday - Spin Class

Friday - Yoga

Saturday - Deadlift 3x5, Flat Bench 3x8-10, Chinups 25 compression set, Pushups 2 to fail, Leg extensions 2x8-10, Curls 2x15 and farmers walks

Sunday - Yoga

I am 5’11 and weight about 160 or so dpending on the day. So my idea is to lean out first(physique is skinny fat for the most part). Macros are 1400-1600 with 160g of P minimum and 80g F and less than 30 carbs(mostly incidental and some from veggies).

Regards and thanks for any help


Man you don’t need to lean out you need to freaking eat. 5’11" 160lbs your a stick. You need to eat and get on a good program. End of story.

My girlfriend, who is 4’11", eats 400 calories less than you for her maintenance diet.

If that doesn’t motivate you, a new hobby may be in order. Just my 2c.

Listen dude. With that plan, you will get nowhere, feel like shit and give up.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT. I’m currently running a Keto diet and eating more than twice the calories - you should also have a higher ratio of fat to protein. Do not be afraid of Carbs.
Your lifting plan is ok (I’d replace hip thrusts with Romanian Deadlifts). If you are having problems pushing through your workouts, I’d suggest taking up to 400mg of caffeine from tabs beforehand.

[quote]Reed wrote:
Man you don’t need to lean out you need to freaking eat. 5’11" 160lbs your a stick. .[/quote]

When i was 5’11 160lbs i was also a stick, now at 190lbs i am maybe more like a medium sized tree branch.

Not sure if the 30lbs gained is ALL muscle though.