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Keto News and Notes

What up T-Bra’s
I plan on cutting soon for about three weeks (approx 640kcal deficit/day) which should leave me around 6-7% bf i have calculated. I can see abs and some vascularity now, but need to keep honest…i am 5.11 at 192.

Queston for all those that use keto cycles:

  1. anybody does on straight coconut oil–the richest source of MCT’s
  2. anyone who has done keto multiple times notice that you enter into keto much quicker after about the third or fourth time?..Its always awesome to see those sticks turn purple when you are hungry and grouchy…
  3. Approx how long do you think it would take to tweek the metabolism down going at about a 630-700kcal deficit/day (very light cardio)…keep in mind the famous Minnesota Experiment in the 1950’s on starving/fasting and refeeding…great study if you have not seen it.

Any other thoughts/ideas..I find keto to work very well, and I shed very quickly on it..and I am not just talking about water weight losses (approx 7lbs for me to fully deplete muscle glyco)

Ya I gotta say I like keto diets too. For my body type (endo/meso) nothing works as quickly or as well as a CKD a la Lyle Macdonald. For me I have to keep my carb-up to 24 hrs. as I can't control myself once I start. Sundays are a sick day for me on a keto diet. I also find that I maintain my strength and lbm well on keto diets as long as I drop the volume a bit and keep the intensity high. I know most people say you need high volume to get into ketosis, but a short(40min.), low volume, high intensity workout on Mon. will put me into ketosis by Tues  night. When I start off I don't do any cardio. After 4 or 5 weeks, when things slow down, I'll add in two twenty min. sessions  early in the week. Any more than this and my strength drops. The most dramatic results I've ever achieved was going from 235lbs to 195lbs which at about 8% bf. I did loose some lean mass on that occasion. As far as the coconut oil goes, I've never used it, but I do like to use coconut milk in my protein shake with some water. It gives the shake a nice creamy texture and a coconut flavour which I like. Be careful though, coconut milk is very calorie dense. I add about 1/4 cup with some water and a couple of scoops of protein. I also agree with your observation that after a few times of using keto diets, it becomes much easier to get into ketosis. I would also like to hear from others who have some ideas and suggestions concerning keto diets.

Yeah, I love keto diets too. What I do is only train weights, no cardio, but drop calories to create the deficit. I have fat/protein at about 60/40, and around 2500 kcal/day does it for me (6’1, 225lbs). The diet is very economical as I only eat eggs, cheese and fatty beef mince, with VP2 + water after a W/O.

Dr. Mauro DiPasquale has said that MCT’s which is made with coconut oil get’s used up for energy without usimg of adipose fat for fuel. He thinks it’s a bad idea on a Keto diet.

in given caloric deficit the body still has to get energy from somewhere…I.e., you are still losing fat…MCT’s may act to partition the nutrients by sparing muscle at the expense of fat.