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Today is the final day of my 6 week keto diet. I couldn't be happier with my results as I lost over 10 lbs and am currently 190 w 11% bf (my leanest ever). Now comes the real challenge of getting my body acclimated to carbs once again and reintroducing the added calories. I've read Berardi's article on coming off of his diet and have developed the current plan to get myself back to normal. Please let me know if i screwed this up or how it looks? thank you

Fri - 135g fat/30g carbs/215g protein
Sat - 120/60/250
Sun - 115/90/275
Mon - 110/90/295
Tues- 105/120/315
Wed - 100/180/330
Fri - 110/240/325
Sat - 115/270/320
Sun - 120/300/315
Mon - 125/350/280

thoughts? opinions?


Granted you were only on your keto diet for 6 weeks (and I don't even know how much you lost) but going from 30g to 350 in 11 days is REALLY fast, IMHO.

I'd make those small increases and keep them for 8-10 days and see how you react. (again, IMHO)


would an extra week with the same small increases be enough time? something along the lines of this?

F 135/30/215
S 130/50/225
S 125/70/240
M 120/90/250
T 115/110/265
W 110/130/275
T 105/150/290
F 100/170/300
S 95/190/325
S 90/210/335
M 95/230/330
T 100/250/320
W 105/270/310
T 110/290/295
F 115/310/285
S 120/330/275
S 125/340/270
M 125/350/280

30-350 in 18 days?


At the beginning of the 6 weeks I was 200 with 15% bf, this morning i am 185 with roughly 10% bf


why not try introducing carbs via post workout for a week or so followed by pre/peri- workout, and finally breakfast? or better yet, cycle carbs with your workouts.



What was your diet like during the keto cycle? What sources of carbs, proteins, fats were you eating? What was your lifting and cardio regimen like?

Did you experience any fat loss stalls during the keto diet, if so what did you do?


My main food sources during the cycle were eggs, bacon, chicken sausage, oil, cheese and protein powder.

I began cutting calories to 75% of my maintenence and lowered my caloric intake as i lost weight.

My lifting regimen was taken straight from War Room Strategies to Maximize Fat Loss, an article by Christian Thibaudeau that can be found on this site.

As far as fat loss stalls, I'd describe my experience like this. Weeks 1-2 I noticed the nice dry effects of the loss of water weight due to the new carb restriction. Week 3 I felt like I just got smaller all around, not leaner, but just smaller. Weeks 4-6 is when a lot of my fat loss occured as I began seeing noticeable changes in my physique.

Hope that helps


Your idea intrigues me, by increasing carbs through certain points of the day rather than gradually.

As for cycling carbs, That is what i plan to do. The final monday (125/350/280) is one of my high days in a carb cycle. In your opinion, do you think cycling carbs as early as this week would be too soon to reintroduce them into my diet?

thank you for any feedback



I think you should add about 25g of CHO every 2 days in the form of scoops of Surge and/or gatorade/whey beginning at the last lift in your workout and ending when you're done.

Its the best way ive found to come off keto, keep it a PWO Surge until you get to a full dose of Surge [1 week at most]. Then add 50 g of CHO in the form of oatmeal eaten right after the Surge. go up until you are at about maintenance levels [could be 150-350g or so]. Get your body acclimated to the new bf% and weight and then work on your new goals and manipulate all carbs as needed. I'd keep them all PWO for many moon though.





I hate to sound like an idiot, but what does CHO stand for?


Sorry, dont have a camera


what was your cardio like on the keto diet? What types of cardio did you use and for how long and how many times a day and how many times a week?


If you read the War Room Stratgies to Maximize Fat Loss, everything is in there


If i were to use this method, would it look something like this

week 1: last week of keto
week 2: 400g carbs(entire week)/post workout only
week 3: 800g carbs/post workout, pre,peri workout
week 4: 1200g carbs/breakfast, pre,peri,post workout
week 5: carb cycle

hows that look?


I second the idea to add some simple carbs in to your per/para/post workout shake and then after 2-3 weeks of that add some carbs in for breakfast. Keep that for a few weeks and see how your body reacts.

If you want to add more carbs from there just don't add them too late in the day.


Cycling is probably a good idea. Not sure if you wanna go as high as you mentioned above though, at least not right away. When I came off my contest diet, I made sure I threw in some vanadyl Slfate and Chromium Picolinate hoping they would help my body deal with the raise in carb intake. I also made sure to put cinnamon in a lot of things in an effort to keep blood sugar levels stable.