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Keto Macros to Lose Fat/Build Muscle?

Ok a bit about me. I’m 42 290 lbs. Targeting for weight loss (fat) and reshape my body I was over 465 lbs. I loose most of my weight with the help of ketogenic diet. I’m happy with my weight now but I want to eliminate as much fat as possible and replace it with muscle.
My question is I’m training 5 days a week 4 days weightlifting and 1 cardio. Doing split training for mass. 12 reps 4 sets. The last time I check I was 30% body fat. I’m taking 180 grams of protein on non training days. And close to 200 on training days. I try to keep my fat under 100 grams and carbs I don’t count them since they’re all greens. Am I taking enough protein? I really would hate to be losing all my gains, I’ve a lot of loose skin and want to lift all that or as much as posible. Thanks! Enjoy your life! We only have one.

First, this is incredible - congratulations and great job![quote=“poisonblood, post:1, topic:255322”]
I’m taking 180 grams of protein on non training days. And close to 200 on training days. I try to keep my fat under 100 grams and carbs I don’t count them since they’re all greens.

Second, is this accurate? ~1600-1700 calories daily? Do you feel miserable doing this? I mean, you’re not going to be ecstatic, because you do need to be in a caloric deficit, but this seems about 800 calories lower than you may need to be. Is this similar to what you did to lose 150 lbs?

Now (if I understand what you’re saying), unfortunately, you can’t lift away the loose skin. To my knowledge, whatever doesn’t rebound has to be surgically removed. There seems to be significant individual variation in how much will rebound.

Soooo, all that said, what’s your definitive goal? Lose X more lbs, for instance?
What were you eating to lose 150 lbs?
How do you feel right now?

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I personally am a huge fan of keto and IF. I am 180lbs and probably around 15% BF right now. So from personal experience at a much lower weight I can tell you: at your size you can afford to water fast for 24-72 hours and not worry about ‘losing all you muscle’. Your three prime concerns should be fat loss, fat loss and fat loss. If you won’t entertain fasting then ramp up your protein and drop your fat consumption (research protein sparing modified fasting). The other alternative is to stick to what your doing. Hell, it has worked so far!

In terms of loose skin, you are going to have to get very lean first before tackling that one. I have heard hardcore dry fasting can virtually eliminate this but I am slightly skeptical. As stated, get the basic fat loss done first.

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Thanks! I’m eating a lot more now.
For example I was eating around 120 to 150 max protein. Now I’m on the 200s.
My skin I know there’s no way to shrink it back, but I’m trying to get mass so it won’t look so bad. I need to be under 16% body to consider surgery and honestly it’s the last chapter of my book to worry about.
Energy I’ve notice it a lacking.

I’ve try to fast but man I can’t. I need to get serious, my main worry is that when I workout at night usually I wake up with a monster appetite and kill the peanut butter and my daughter sweets. Usually ice cream. I really think I need to adjust a bit more my macros. Should I go for total body mass for protein or just lean mass? Add mct to get more fat in? How much more fat. I really need help. I never workout like am doing now. I’m getting mass. Not sure if a lot or normal. Thanks for the help and keep on lifting!

Yes usually I consume around 1600 calories, and I’m getting more cals than before but I’m trying to build as much mass as possible. I really think that I’m going to start to drink mct before bed. By the way sorry for the English isn’t my first language.

Off topic but a few moons ago I started a post here. That was me.
Man I didn’t know what I was doing.

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60lbs since October?! Your plan seems to be working.

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My answer:

If you did not measure your % body fat through dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, you result has to be taken with a pinch of salt. My take is that if you really are 30% fat at 290lbs, you are extremely muscular. So because of you history, I believe the %fat is understated.

It’s important to know, because the macros have to be related to LEAN BODY MASS, not TOTAL MASS.

If you want to make sure you’re still in ketosis, just go with a ratio of around 30/<10/>60 P/C/L. And it seems that it’s what you’re doing, you are following the “standard” keto diet. There is nothing wrong with that, your weight is dropping, you are doing things very well!

What is sure is that it’s harder to create lean body mass in a context of caloric deficit. But if you’re making progress in the gym, it shows that your body is overcompensating by creating lean muscle mass. So don’t overthink and keep it on!

About me:
What I do is a iso and hypercaloric keto diet and cycle it with a small window of keto with a caloric deficit to lower my %bm. Train x3/week only compound exercices.

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You’re right, I’m pants size 44. I was 62 once, since I started taking my protein at 200 grams gym days and 180 cardio or off gym days I’ve been feeling good, I started a week a go. But still so freaking hungry on squat or deadlift days. I’m going to raise my protein to 220 those days. Or maybe all I need is some old mct oil before bed. Last night was the first day a coworker asked me if I lift weights, my work uniforms are 3 sizes big for me. So it’s hard to tell.

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If I were you, I would just slightly increase the fat intake. But be carefull, if all that you need is to up your protein 20g, it also translates to only 10g of fats if you decide to up your fats. It’s not a lot and you may easily overdo it.

MCT oil is of course the best if you can afford. There is also coconut oil (but I’m sure you already know it) that is supposed to be among the best fats for keto atheletes since the +90%saturated fats it countains are metabolized straight in the mithocondria. I don’t process well coconut oil, and hate the bulletproof coffee, but I like to consume red palm oil before a workout, it’s around 50% sat and 40% mono so still a very good profile. And it’s much cheaper, around 7€/kg!

Here you are being extra carefull, and I’m sure you’ll reach your goal no matter what choice you’re going to make!

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I really appreciate all y’all feedback. Thanks will hear from me soon.

I’m also on keto and right now I think I’ll be on it for life it’s lowered my cholesterol my sugar I’ve leaned out nicely and now I’m aiming for single digit fat % . From my experience on the keto diet where I seemed to see the greatest fat loss is when I completely cut out all refined carbs and sugar. I mean cut it out completely. I’ve done keto and I’ve done keto. The first time I cheated a bit on weekends and sure I did still loose fat but if you want to see extreme fat loss you’ll have to tighten it up a bit . I’m currently keeping the calories between 1400 and 1600 I don’t worry too much about the protein (I’m a bit different to most guys not worrying about bulk but wanting to be more lean …like Brad Pitt in fightclub) so I concentrate more on the fat side. There are some days when I find I’m flat but I find on these days when I double my magnesium intake I feel like a new person so deffinatly give that a try . Also my training is extremely unorthodox . On some days I’ll do a total body workout then the next only one muscle group 10 sets of 10 reps then one day heavy sets on one muscle group the next light weight plenty sets then I’m taking 5 seconds to lower the weight then I’m busting out high reps in the shortest period of time now everyone will say this is absolute absurd and they right it is but that’s the way I’m wired. The only thing I get right is the consistency and the intensity of the workouts I crawl out the gym not walk . I’m probably training wrong but I do it at a savage intensity and my diet is probably wrong but I put my 100% best into it and try eliminate all bad carbs .So from my side you doing very well but if you want to reach your goal you got to go into the gym and throw iron around like you’ve just overdosed on 3 different types of pre workouts then go home and eat 4 eggs (the perfect keto meal) Good luck man !!!