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Keto Lifter, How Important is Food Timing?

I’m doing keto. How important is to time your food? Does it matter at all?

That depends on who you ask, and if they want to reference a bunch of studies.

I personally do believe that nutrient timing is valuable and while I don’t think you need to rush off to the car to start slamming a protein shake as soon as training is over, I think that getting in nutrients soon after training, when the body is primed for uptake, is a very good idea.

Post training you’re looking at an increase in both muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein breakdown, Making sure to elevate MPS through proper nutritional intake and blunt MPB is key in achieving a positive net protein balance. i.e. staying anabolic.

If you’re keto, you could look into TKD type dieting in order to have some carbs during and post workout while staying in ketosis.

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Thanks for the reply. Thanks!

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very educational! my carbs are from vegetables Greens in particular and I never count the fiber from now on I’m going to save a protein shake 4 after my work out since is the last thing that I do on the day.

Hello Coach Paul, I’ve a question, I’m 42 295 lbs 5’10" sedentary job, and I go 4 days to the gym and day cardio. I’m consuming 25+ carbs from greens and cabbage protein 200 grams I was doing 180 now I think it’s way low. Fat lower than 100, I’m doing split training, just started lifting to achieve hypertrophy 12 reps 4 sets to failure if posible. But I’ve been super hungry after gym days. (specifically appear body days) to the point that I start eating all my Lil girls ice cream. Maybe it’s not enough? Thanks. I was 465 lbs I just finished my last meal and I’m hungry still. Water I drink a lot. Minerals and vitamins also supplements

Uh, what is the question?

Keto macros are typically 75F/25P/5C.

Just for shits and giggles, if you want to lose weight, based on your numbers, you should be eating around 2700 calories a day according to a TDEE calculator.

That means 225 grams of fat, 170 grams of protein, and 9 grams of carbs.

Does that seem reasonable to you?

BTW, congrats on the weight loss.

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Thanks for the reply, but those macros are not very good for fat loss, also am trying to create muscle mass, so you need to change your nutrition a bit to stay in ketosis and be able to build muscle. That’s the tricky part.

Then you’re not in ketosis.

It’s posible.

Here’s the deal with keto, and why I found it so confounding.

You have to be very, very low carb, and that means high fat.

So say you are having a good day of keto, macros are good, and you eat a bag of chips - now you are not in keto and your macros are fucked.

In order to get keto, you have to stay keto, and one slice of pizza gets you out of keto, you body switches back to carbs and you are fucked.

Now, you’re not keto, and your body starts storing all that fat you have been eating as fat, rather than burning it as fuel.

These are extremes, but you have to absolutely commit to keto or you switch back to carbs, and then all of your fat intake fucks you.

Just my take man. I like low carb, but I think keto is hard to maintain.

Keto is shit for the reason you said ! if i want to fucking eat a pizza on sunday night i will eat a pizza.

I dont know why people go keto and go intermitent fasting. Just train hard and eat well and you will loose fat

Whoa there big boy, I do intermittent fasting.

After sixteen hours, that Rib eye taste fucking great.

But, only when I am cutting, lol.

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hahaha only for cutting thought

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I think my body loves way too much carbs. That’s why I was 465lbs lol I better stick with keto

much carbs or Junk in general ?

Junk I love junk so keto stop me

keto or your mindset ?

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Right! The mct seems to be helping me with the hunger at night. Today was my leg day so we’ll see how the monster reacts tonight

Hold on here. You’re 295 and 42 and trying to mass gain on keto? I just wanna get all this correct first.

Yes sir I was 465lbs I really don’t want to get lighter I want to keep my weight but I want to get bigger
I’ve loose skin. I’ve been overweight all my life and keto was the only thing that helped me