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Keto for Rapid Fat Loss, Muscle Conservation


Is keto a good way for an endo to keep muscle and rapidly lose fat? Or will it cause me to hemmorage strength and mass? I've heard completely different answers, help me get my facts straight please.




You bumped after only an hour and 10 minutes?

Anyways, keto is not necessary and is hard to maintain over the long haul. I'd just go low carb with a periodic refeed.


I don't think theres a universal answer here. Having said that, anything you do that is for "rapid" fat loss is going to risk your muscle mass. A more moderate approach of any diet would probably be favorable.


try using search.


On two separate occasions I dieted using a zero carb approach and both times I lost strength and felt like shit the whole time. In my opinion there are better ways.


This might be a double or triple post but I'd rather be sure it goes through.

Like forbes said, go low carb with periodic refeeds, a.k.a. carb cycling.

The fatter you are, the less periodic the refeeds, ie up to 10 or 14 days. As you get leaner, your metabolism will be higher, and you'll have to have a refeed more frequently.

Best way to figure it out is just start cycling, and treat it like a flow chart.


My experience is the exact opposite. Not saying your wrong or anything, but I personally love keto diets (with periodic refeed/skiploads of course). My energy is great on them and I hold on to strength very well at least in terms of getting down to 8-10% bodyfat.

My wife, however, shares similar experiences with u and generally just feels awful. So I guess it certainly isn't for everyone, and it seems like carb-cycling is the more popular approach currently (who knows, maybe keto will come back in a few year).

In most of these types of posts, the OP usually has his mind made up anyway. So I say either go for it or slowly start lowering your carbs down via cycling. Both work and everyone has their preferences.


Well put.



Whenever i do low carbs i never can go for refeeds, i end up doing 2 cheat meals on every 2 weeks.

Damn indiscipline.


done keto years ago and imo it sucks , works but is so F+++ing restrictive . IF'ing ftw .cheerios pre n pwo and half a pound a week fatloss when in a deficit while lifts keep going up all be it slowly .


Exactly what he said. I personally prefer being in ketosis because it feels like it preserves glycogen stores and muscle better that just going simply low carb. But I always do a refeed on weekends. For me this is the fastest and most effective way to lose alot of fat in a hurry. If not in a hurry then I use a more moderate but similar approach.


I think it depends on what works for you; You should try it for a while and see your results.

Personally keto and low carb works REALLY well for me, but I do lose strength in the weight room without some carbs around my workouts. I find that 30g of some dextrose or something like that about 30min before and during the workout will get my strength up to pre-keto levels. Without the carbs I die very quickly.

Apparently after a few weeks in ketosis your body will become more used to it, and I saw this with running. My performance at first dropped off pretty badly but after a couple of weeks it started to improve again. I ran my best times on a low carb diet when I was in constant ketosis.

Personally I'm a FFB to the max (200kg at one stage) so my sit-rep for my metabolism might be vastly different to most people, but personally ketosis works well for me as long as I use carbs deliberately.