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keto diets

Actually I think Ryan has something there. The god of the bible engineered men to eat carbs; after all the garden of Eden was rich in trees and fruits, right? So the people who need carbs in their diet are descended from Adam and Eve.

On the other hand, when Zeus created his people, they were designed with a more Mediteranean diet in mind and do much better with fats like olive oil. So if you are descended from the people Zeus created, you’ll do better with fats.

Finally, the people that Thor created were engineered to consume meats. So if your descendents were created by Thor, then you do great on a high-protein diet.

“Being sarcastic since Catholic elementary school.” copycat Y

I don’t know if your ancestor theroy really holds water. Myself, being half Hungarian (think hun archers on horses hunting game) and half Serbian (again, originating from the mountainous part of Yugoslavia, mostly sheep-herders and such), still have trouble going keto.

I think the other theory that if you eat plenty of carbs, you have to ease into keto, is far more viable, however dreary. This also makes sense because Diesel says he doesn’t eat any candy (not even chocolate!!!), and he does fine on keto.

Char-dawg, thanks for the kind words

Harkonnen, please notice that I never mentioned the word keto in my posts, I am refering to low carb, not necessarily keto.

Anyway, this is not my theory. If you’re interested in the real science behind it go to beyondveg.com and do some reading. I guarantee it will be worth it.

Well, that’s one hell of a debate you’ve got going there. I couldn’t resist getting in on it. I was an anthropology major in university, and the topic of creationism vs. evolution facinates me. Make no mistake, I think creationism is bunk, but the battle is entertaining.

i’d jsut like to make a few points:
1)I think (like I’m sure many of you believe eating whole, natural foods is primary in diet, and if you look to nature, as far as human diet goes, there is almost nothing high-carb, high-glycemic in the hunter-gatherer diet. Even the fruits that 'God gave us to eat in the garden of eden, would have been much lower in sugar than our modern-bred variety and loaded with fiber to slow absorption. Nature packages nutrition in moderate-high fat and moderate-high protein (like meat, raw dairy, nuts, seeds etc…)with cellulose bound complex carbs like those in vegetables and wild fruit. So, yes I agree that we were to, and have eaten a fairly low carb diet roughly 2 million years. (and i won’t go into the history since our friend posted pretty much all one could say on that)

2)I also think that it does definetly take time to work into a low-carb diet, especially those like myself who were grain and sugar addicts for many years before cutting back on them. I felt like absolute shit for about 4 weeks before things got better. Then after restricting carbs, I could slowly re-introduce them a little bit and still feel great.

  1. but having said that, I think that everybody is just DIFFERENT. Now I know that sounds like a no-brainer obvious statement, bu think about it. Why are some people hard-gainers? Why do some pack on weight with a teaspoon of sugar? I think Darwin hit the nail on the head. Speciation and differentiation are what allows a species to survive. That is the core of evolution. I were all the same, we’d all end up dying of the same thing. I know that’s not very hard-core science for you, but i think it is the truth of the matter. Some people just NEED more carbs than others because of the way there systems are built. it’s the way nature intended.
    Dr. Mercola does something called ‘metabolic typing’ with his patients to determine how much grain/sugar they can handle in their diet. Maybe somewhere in that is the medical answer you’re seeking.


 Not all parts of the world have the same sort of prosperity some places have. F. ex. if u live in the U.S., its unlikely ull suffer from starvation-we're a bouuntiful country. However, if u check out afghanistan, those muthas have starvation by the bagfull. While we dont need to be able to survive off our energy reserves for days or weeks, those muthas do. if u fast forward a few thousand years, assuming conditions stay exactly the same, Ull have two kinds of people - Us over here in the US will prolly do incredibly well on carbs. We can get our hands on very nutritiious meals every 2-3 hours every single day. As such well prolly evolve to burn energy very fast - those who have propensity towards obesity will be kicked out of the game so to speak, by diabetes, heart disease, or simply because no one wants to bang a fat ugly chick (i know i dont). see, with so much food, ud have to 1) have the genetics to burn it very efficiently so u dont get the health hazards of obesity, or 2) curb your eating a lot. since 90 pervent of the us eats crap day after day, i dont see number 2 make much impact. 
On the other hand the afghanis and the like will have evolved  to be able to survive on their energy reserves for days and weeks. They dont eat very often because theres not much to eat. They wont be as strong and muscular as well be over here, but they'll  have much better endurance. Think about it - theyll have to not only survive on little food for days or weeks, theyll have to walk long distances in search of food, or to just go somewhere, because a poor, hungry country is one that lacks technology. as we all know, endurance equals little muscular size - look at any marathon runner. However since endurance wont make a difference in the US, and since any one with the genetics to have high endurance in terms of energy expenditure, will have a propensity to become obese on such a bountiful diet ( just look at how fat native americans got once the US began to prosper), we'll all prolly be pretty big, and get bigger and stronger and leaner every few generations, simply because we can, and because the genes are encouraged to be passed on. Think about it next time ur getting a bj and ull understand. Then just allow aghanis to immigrate to the US, and u get it all mixed up and see people of all sizes and shapes. u see people who were skinny only because they had noting to eat, but nnow that they can eat truckloads, they go ahead and eat truckloads like everybody else -except they balloon and u almost feel like bursting them open with a needle and watch them zoom out in circles in the air. Before you do though they'll prolly get on the next flight and come crashing down on us. see, genetics work at a mental level, as well as physical - and for some reason afghanistans environment encourages ridiculously religious fanatics who will stone you to death for having sex with someone else but you, and for having your own opinnion. sure, but we got the genetics to build the strongest military in the world and we dont need to hide like pussies in caves. anyhow, any comments?