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Keto Diets in MMA


Hey guys just wondering if anyone follows one and trains mma. I lift and train mma 6 days a week and train twice everyday 5 days a week...would no carbs be ideal or healthy?


it would be retarded
type lyle mcdonald in google and start reading


... Try it and see if it works for you?


6 days though
he's going to tire really fast once he has no glycogen


If you like rocking up to the gym and then just sitting down, sure.


I know, but I really do mean it. The worst thing that happens is he bails after a week when he realizes he has no energy. He might stick with it and realize his strength drops off. Or it might work great, in which case... um YAY!


maybe he has like 40% bf


as long as you don't eat fruit you'll be fine


yeah uhhh bad idea...carbs FTW!!


I did keto one summer, Bodyopus, way back training for college football....I cant contribute all of it to the diet, as I was a chronic overtrainer, total lifting addict.........but I tore my quad fascia, pulled my groin off the bone, and even after starting camp and rentroducing carbs like normal, I ripped the medical head of my calf in half.....

I havent researched it but I do remember Lyle McDonald being a big name on that stuff along with Duchaine, so read up you might find something....MMA, football, other 'real' anaerobic sports are worlds apart from bodybuilding.....Id be cautious about doing it if you go hard core, I went hard core and had lots of issues, i was ripped but i ripped alot of muscles too haha...

I now stay close to keto, meat and veggies, and I train twice a day, lift pretty heavy, and do interval work....but not as hard core as old days...I dont know if I could do MMA with no carbs.....Id suggest trying to dial in meat, fish, eggs, BCAAs, tons of EFAs, and lots of veggies, and post workout immediately hit some carbs in a shake with lots of whey.....see how long you can handle that, or do one carb up day a week......

easy book to read Why We Get Fat and What to do About It.....its not for athletes, but explains how all the eating impacts our hormones and fat gain or staying lean, as well all our individual genetics....

if you go low carb, with veggies, and are getting tons of protein and fats, you might be able to pull it off, especially if you hit a post workout carb+whey shake and one day a week carb up......but going hard core keto a long period of time , no carbs, no carb up days, and 6 days a week training, if your young might pull it off, but you dont want to wear out your adrenals or overtrain, or whatever happened to me man I was tearing stuff left and right...


Lyle Mcdonald is a scam.


not at all


Sorry havent read him in ages, thought someone mentioned him as he might have written on this topic....I know there are some more modern tweaks to Bodyopus....if you google Bodyopus some articles will come up, and one of them I remember has improvements and additions to make it work a little better for athletes, might be on bb.com website


I have learned lately firsthand that mma training and lower carbs (some days less than 40-50g per day and rarely over 100) do not mix. Despite being in good conditioning, I would gas pretty easily. I was following a diet from my pre-mma training, and like an idiot didn't realize how bad it was affecting me. I was setting myself up for failure big time. Now I have a diet by Josh Bryant and I feel so much better. I sparred today and felt great after.

I come froma PLing background as well and some of the lower carb stuff can work for that. But I believe even DiPasquale admits that stuff like the Anabolic Diet isn't suited for athletes with sustained higher levels of energy output like mma. A keto diet is even more extreme than that. That would be a bad idea, especially for as much as you are training.


6 days a week, theres no room for low carbing. it sounds like you wanna cut some weight. just have carbs in the morning and before/after you train. they'll get burnt up nicely. i've been on keto before and i couldnt imagine trying to spar in that state, its suicide.


Diet it like training.

do it til it interferes.

the most common question here is

how do I train in the weight room and on the matt/ring/cage

the answer is do it til it affects your recovery or skill work.

enjoy your strength work til it interferes with recovery or your skill work

diet is the same.

If you think Paleo or counting fat blocks is the way to go -
do it for 6 weeks and see how you do in your weight room and your mma shit.

And not to bust balls too hard, but if you are training 6 days a week
and looking for diet advice on the internet, you should spend the money and
hire a nutritionist.
or is your training 6 days a week - kind of not that serious.


I did paleo for about 3 months before I tried the Anabolic diet. I dont do MMA but I do JJ and Judo and havent had a problem gassing out. My 1st month in ketosis was rough but once I became fat adapted energy wasnt a problem. No that I've been having weekend carb ups I've seen improvements in strength and endurance. I only workout 2hrs a day on Avg M-F so my needs arent as extreme as a pro or amature fighter.. I imagine if training 4+ hrs a day more carbs would be needed..


What's weird is that there is some evidence that a ketogenic early on could be good for performance. I can't remember the article but it was basically keto early than as the race comes up loading up on carbs.


That was for endurance running IIRC

I've tried Anabolic Diet during boxing for 4 weeks, it was not good. Not good at all. I always felt burnt out after a few rounds on the pads, and I felt far less explosive. Not to mention a certain mental "fog" during sparring.

IMO low carb just sucks in general for anything other than fat loss or improving your insulin sensitivity. I know we get a lot of back and forth arguments on T NATION on the supposed undesirable effects of high carb intake, but I now honestly believe that in regards to excellent athletic performance, carbs are essential.


High carb intake are a must for athletes.