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Keto diets and the combat athlete

I’ve got 2 mos. before my fight. would like to drop some weight. have you guys who fight ever used a keto diet? if so what type and how did it work?

There are plenty of ways to drop weight without going keto. Read Berardi’s last column at T-mag and adopt the “Don’t Diet” approach. Remember, keto diets and athletes usually don’t mix.

If you are getting ready for competition don’t go Keto!
You need those carbs for energy!

I played an entire basketball season on the anabolic diet by mario dipasqual. You can definitely achieve your goals. Your problem is that your fight is only two months away. You will need four months just to perfect everything. I found that I could just spike some carbs before bed the night before a game. However spike to much and you will be so full of water the next day it will affect your endurance. Also you will be living on fat. It takes some getting used to. You will need to know which fats you perform better on and when to eat them. This takes trial and error for each person. My advice would be try it after the fight, be ready for a long term committment, I really started to be able to control it after about 3-4 months by the 6 month I felt like I was in complete control.