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Keto Diets and performance

Hey fellow T-men I’d like to start a keto diet soon but I’m a little skeptical. I’m kinda worried that my low-carb intake will effect my performance on the lacrosse field. Do I have any choice here??


I’d say a keto diet is a bad choice for an athlete, especially during the season. Some keto proponents (Atkins, I think) like to point to a study of bicyclists who improved performances while on keto diets after they adjusted. (Performance was poor at first.) Still, bad idea I believe. You may want to control your carb intake, but to go full-on keto would hurt you on the field. Try eliminating the sweets, breads and pastas, but keep the oatmeal, veggies, fruit, and the carbs in MRPs and post-workout drinks in your diet.

FootSoldier:I’m amazed at sports like LaCrosse and Soccor (which is why I’ve really started to follow them lately with a passion). What amazes me is the ability to run litterally MILES during the course of a game while still blocking, passing, etc. Did you see the Princeton/Syracuse Div. 1 Championship Game? (I thought that Syracuse freshman is going to be a force for the next few years). Well; on to your question. There is no way a keto diet is compatable with such a sport. With such low carbs, you would probably “hit the wall” before the end of the first period. I agree with Chris’s recommendations. My qustion is whether or not carb loading (ala marathoners) would be a viable priciple for a sport like LaCrosse? Just a thought.

Mufasa - lacrosse is very tough mentally when you’re running up and down the field constantly. The guy you’re talking about is Mike Powell, yes he really is truly amazing. I’ve never really thought about carb loading before a game, since in lacrosse no one really thinks about any thing related to diet or food. If I started talking about carb loading during a lacrosse discussion, common responses would be “What the fuck???” But it really doesn’t sound like a bad idea.