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Keto Dieting and Poor Blood Tests


Recently I got blood work done after keto dieting for about 6 weeks to see what type of an effect it had on me. Ive done Body Opus numerous times in the past and its always worked great. The test results were horrible. High treglycerides, my HDL is almost rock bottom, my homocysteine is high and even my liver AST was high. I've always supplemented with Flameout and extra virgin olive oil but it obviously isn't helping.

Anyone ever test themselves before while on a keto diet or have a clue of what is happening here? I've always had good blood work when eating a balanced normal diet. This will probably be my last keto diet. I was thinking of just using the EVOO and the Flameout as my main sources of fat intake and minimizing saturated fats.


I'm kind of surprised. Even your liver? Wow.

How much Flameout were you taking?

What was your main source of fats?

Unless your diet was severely out of whack wrt saturated fat, I think this may be caused by something besides the diet.


I've never had blood work done but I'm not a fan of keto diets because after about two weeks I get weak, tired, and my libido drops. It may be different for different people though.


I was taking about 10 Flameout caps a day and about 30gms EVOO. My total fat intake averaged about 120gms a day. I think maybe too much was coming from saturated fats. For now Im going to concentrate on balancing the ratios out better and get tested again and see how that works.


When i was on a low carb/keto diet i got sick for a bit and had my blood tested. My blood sugar levels were apparently very high and the doctor wanted to draw some more blood out of me. I said screw that and just carried on. After i returned to my normal diet and had my blood tested, everything in top notch condition.


You need to fast for 12 hours before you do this kind of blood work. I just had my blood tested and have never seen better results. Triglycerides 37, HDL 103, LDL 106, Total Cholesterol 216, Glucose 78. My diet meat, fish, poultry, raw eggs, green fiberous vegies, seeds and nuts, cottage cheese, whey protein powder.


Do you think eating the fatty breakfast 4 hrs earlier could've skewed the results that much. I was under the impression the the purpose fo drawing blood in a fasted state was for the purpose of checking fasting blood glucose.


Four hours after a high fat meal, your blood will still have increased levels of fat. I once did a blood test after eating an egg and pancake breakfast. They were the worst results I have ever had.


I follow the AD diet and during the week I usually show a trace of ketones. I take Udo's Choice every morning, eat around 6 omega-3 eggs per day, have red meat once or twice a week, take Flameout, Krill oil, and EVOO on a daily basis. I have my blood work done every six months and just recently had it done. My numbers are great and my triglycerides (sp?) are 63. If you did not fast for 12 hours prior to the test, I would not look at any of the results as they will not be accurate.


Same here, never been better. My triglyverides were 35.


Thanks for the advice guys. I'm not doubting what you're saying about fasting before having blood drawn but I'm a little confused. Wouldn't the fasting give you false results since there is nothing in your system to affect the tests.

For example if I'm eating a meal every 4 hrs lets say while I'm awake and that meal consists of moderate protein and roughly 30gms fat. wouldn't my blood a few hours after that meal show a more accurate picture of what state my body is in most of the time since this is what I'm ingesting all day long and hence what is floating around my blood stream most of the time?


that seems like really high protein but not much fat to the point where you'd be breaking down protein for energy. what % of ur calories comes from fat and how much from protein?


I have been tested on a keto diet and I was fine. One cause could be your food choices. I stay away from cheese and fatty meats except fish and omega 3 eggs.

Large amounts of animal fats don't seem to do me any good. Also I go easy on the stims. Just a little coffee. Too much will raise homocysteine levels. I've read vit C and B complex will help lower those levels.

Do you take a fiber sup?


Thanks Hagar. I did not know that about coffee and stimulants. I love my coffee and have been taking two big cups every morning for as long as I can remember. I also love ephedra but now only take it pre workout when keto dieting which is maybe 6-10 weeks a year depending on how lean I want to get. As far as fiber I have been on the low side and try to get it through powdered flax. I think that's why I like my coffee so much in the morning if you know what I mean. I recently cut back on the animal fats and actually feel physically better since doing that.


1) Not really. If you eat a meal now, your blood profile changes as and when the food gets metabolized and hits your blood. It may be elevated for an hours when it just hits and then fall back fast.

I found an article that can answer your question.

cliff notes on the article:
- written by an M.D.
- fasting is necessary because the 'normal ranges' are based on the fasted state. i.e. to compare apples to apples
- If a patient is not in the fasting state the cholesterol values could be elevated by as much as 20 points
- staying hydrated prior to the test is also important since it helps to draw the blood out

end thought: The meal + morning coffee was probably what screwed the results. most recommend 12-16 hours fasting for basal rates for HDL, LDL and triglycerides. only water to be had during the fasting period.


Absolutely, you need to have these things done fasted. My hubby's ex-dr tested him right after the hubby had eaten a huge fatty meal, and wanted to throw him on lipitor immediately. After testing him fasted, he was normal.

I had 48 tris, 77 bad cholesteral, and 67 good after dropping my carbs and raising my protein (although not to AD or ketogenic levels).