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Keto Dieting And Impaired Insulin Sensitivity

Hi guys. I was reading another post sent in by a woman about female hormone levels and in the replies Bill and a few other people said that keto dieting could impair a persons insulin sensitivity. I Have been following the Fat Fast diet which is bascially a SKD, what are everyones thoughts on that? I am using the plan with much success for the summer, will I impair my insulin sensitivity? And if so, how do I repair it? This whole concept of ruining your insulin sensitivity on a keto diet is new to me, I was wondering if you or anybody else out there can explain it to us all, and how we prevent or repair it? Is this permanent , impairing your insulin sensiivity, will we become even fatter now after following these plans once we come off?

Joe, I think JB talks about this in his Appetite for Contruction article at t-mag. Check it out.

I have tried keto dieting several times over the years and have never heard that keto dieting could impair insulin sensitivity, at least not permanently. It is reasonable that sensitivity is lowered during ketosis but as soon as you start eating carbs the body will adapt very quickly.