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Keto diet

Doing a ketogenic diet just finished first week. Using MD6 and just started T2. Getting bad carb cravings - any suggestions ?
Also once I start to introduce carbs back into my diet can anybody suggest at what rate. I am currently on less than 20g per day, and plan to do this for a second week. Any ideas on either Question would be most appreciated.
Cheers guys.

5-HTP works very well. Almost too well. Strasser suggested using only 12.5 or 25 mg at a time. Well, I couldn’t find 12.5 or 25 mg so I tried 50 in the morning. Didn’t feel like eating anything ALL day and had a terrible case of dry mouth. If Strasser reads this, where can I find some 12.5 mg capsules.

John Berardi discussed coming off keto diets in his first regular column a few issues back (Appetite for Construction, I believe). He recommends several supplements and tests to take and the rate of carb reintroduction. Sounds like exactly what you’d want to know.

Natures Way makes a 50 mg tablet. You can use a tablet splitter and split it 4 ways.

In Mauro Di Pasquale’s book “the Metabolic Diet” he recommends adding 30g of carbs at a time. Waiting for two weeks to see how you feel then add more, if you need to.

Try some sugar-free jello for a sweet fix.