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Keto Diet

Hey guys, i have some questions regarding the keto diet, or actually just dieting in general. I dislocated my shoulder on 11/11/11(lucky me…) and i’ve been packing on a bit of fat, so i decided to follow a keto diet, my reasoning is because i can’t lift.
So im currently 188lbs and i follow a 2200 calories diet, 65% fat, 30% protein, 5% carbs. I do complexes 3x a week(Mon,Wed,Fri) followed by 40 mins of cardio and i do HITT 2-3 times a week(Tues,Thurs,Sat).

My question is, would this be considered too much cardio that i would lose muscle mass? and do complexes count as weight training?(im trying to prevent as much atrophy as possible)

This picture is of me yesterday.

I am by no means an expert, but in my own experience with the Anabolic Diet:

Yea, there’s no way you’re not going to be losing muscle mass.

Barbell complexes are a great way to condition, but in my opinion, it won’t replace lifting, which plays a large role in helping you retain muscle mass when you’re cutting weight.

IIRC, the concern of “doing too much cardio” on a ketosis diet comes from the fact that HIIT uses the same energy pathways as heavy lifting (which is essentially a type of interval training), in that they both tap into your stored glycogen.

In that respect, I would say you’re right on the border. I lift every other day on the Anabolic diet, but I limit my HIIT to once or twice a week with an additional hour total of SS incline walking each week.

If you’re losing more than 1-2 pounds a week AFTER THE FIRST 7-10 DAYS of switching to a keto diet (where preliminary water and glycogen loss occurs), then you’re probably losing too much weight, and you should increase the Calories that you consume. I would suggest that you start closer to 3000 Calories/day and slowly taper them down.

Injuries suck, but the worst thing that you can do is panic. I would strongly suggest creating a post in the Injuries and Rehab forum if you have not already to see if you can get any advice on what you can do besides way too much cardio in terms of continuing your training.

Thanks a lot Obsidian, i appreciate your input. I figured that i should cut back on my HITT to probably once a week since my glycogen stores are close to none now.
In regards to lifting, i could lift, but very lightly, do you think light lifting would be adequate enough to help me maintain muscle mass? I just dont want to be a skinny-fat guy.

Intermittent Fasting. DO IT NOW! i promise you, it is absolutely amazing.

as for training with an injured shoulder, Take this time to do stupid amounts of leg work. Ones that do not require upper body. leg presses, Extensions, curls, body weight squats, lunges, etc… Don’t completely stop with activity. I separated my AC joint and couldnt lift any real weight for about a month

Intermittent Fasting? Explain please
Yeah, im taking it real easy with my upper body, takes for the advice man

[quote]mr.tech wrote:
Intermittent Fasting? Explain please[/quote] The search function isn’t working again?

ya dude, im not gonna write about it. Google it, look at Martin Berkhan and John Berardi, both have extensive information on IF.

Looked it up, despite what they say, i feel like this diet wouldn’t be the best for fighting atrophy, i’ll give it a try in the future though, thanks

Tell that to Dr. Berardi