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Keto Diet


I am interested in following a Keto diet to drop some fat. When calculating calorie needs to you multiply BW by certain number, go by weekly progress, or concentrate on getting necessary macros I.E. 1.5 Pro, .5 Fat, 30g carbs. Lastly are green veggies brussel sprouts, brocolli, spinach, etc, unlimited?


Type "keto diet" into the white bar on the top right corner of the page. Several decent threads right at the top.


Not to be a dick, but is your search function broken? There are many, many threads about this topic; unless you have some particularly interesting/extenuating circumstances, you should just search it on T-Nation.

Edit: sorry to recapitulate Vikings' post--he apparently beat me to it by seconds!


I have and got nothing really, unless my search results differ. I get many threads talking about experiences/what type of fats but, none that have specified how to calculate calories needed or if greens were unlimited. None but Thibs "Refined" article and since carbs are dependent on BF levels(can be as high as .55 g of carbs) I do not think that is a true Keto.


When doing a keto diet just focus on getting in enough fats to switch your body to burning fat instead of carbs. Most people i know who do keto ingest a lot of protein but their fat intake is also too low. A good article is erik minors "shredded in six weeks" it should be of some help