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Keto Diet Without Cardio for Fat Loss?

Losing fat on Keto (low carb) without cardio? How would i do this, would I have to do hiit with weights? Do i do splits or full body? What should the set/reps be? What and how many excercises (iso or compound)? How should my diet look? I wanna LOSE weight + fat as fast as possible I DONT CARE about muscle loss (im a endomorph)

[quote]alih92 wrote:
I DONT CARE about muscle loss (im a endomorph)[/quote]

I DONT CARE what you are, you should be concerned with muscle loss because the muscle will help burn more calories (plus, would you rather be skinny or built?)

Do some reading. Keto’s work. But hit the weights to preserve the muscle. To say that I was of some help, look up CT’s “Destroying Fat” article or another author’s article (forgot who) “Getting Metabolic”

There, now go and eat a bowl of spinach and a chicken breast.

twice a week do heavy lifting, deadlift, pullup, and dip one day, squat, bench, and rows the other day. Follow these days with 20 mins of moderate cardio. 2 days a week do HIIT with weights, barbell complexes, or intense circuits. 1-2 days a week do HIIT sprints, and take 1-2 days a week completely off, and try and get in a 30-45 min NEPA walk as many days as you can. This is all basically from CTs “destroying fat” article.

Eat around your maintenance level on the heavy weight days, and have some carbs during and after your workout. Strict low carbing the rest of the time with greatly reduced calories, and if you absolutely have to cheat do it after a heavy weight session.

that should get you started off.

well let me just say i’ve been lifting for two years I’ve tried various things keto, zone diet, Hiit, Bill starr’s 5x5, olympic lifting 3x a week and tons of other stuff and I’ve noticed great strength gains but very LITTLE weight gain/muscle gain/or fat loss and this has been going on for 2 years now and i still look pudgy but now I’m kind of pissed off and I just wanna lose weight, but I HATE HATE CARDIO.


Go V-Diet and 30-45 min. NEPA every day, then say you can’t lose weight :stuck_out_tongue: