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Keto Diet Without Cardio for Fat Loss?

Losing fat on Keto (low carb) without cardio? How would i do this, would I have to do hiit with weights? Do i do splits or full body? What should the set/reps be? What and how many excercises (iso or compound)? How should my diet look? I wanna LOSE weight + fat as fast as possible I DONT CARE about muscle loss (im a endomorph)

you’re not gonna get much help if you blatently say that you dont care about muscle loss on a bodybuilding forum.

Try making your post’s easier to read. I suggest spacing out the questions and clearly outlining your goal and what you are currently doing as far as exercises go.

Of course, that could just be me, and nobody else cares.

The goal when you go to the gym should be to build muscle, the muscle will burn fat (even at rest).

Are you a true endomorph, or just someone looking for an easy out. Your above post screams attitudinal problems.

Take some time, rethink your position. You have to make a conscious choice to change and be fully willing to invest the time(planning, prepping), energy(training), money(gym membership), and dedication(dedication).

Oh, and since you are an “endomorph” you will be likely able to gain muscle while losing fat, so get the gym membership and start lifting, please.

You also don’t need to be no a keto diet, try moving more and eating less.

If you have a lot of fat on your body,your body will utilize it for muscle growth.So you will initially be able to gain muscle as you lose fat, as long as you decrease your calorie intake below maintenance by 500-1000 calories. As your body adapts and your bodyfat decreases, results will be slower, and you may catabolize some (not a lot, if you are training and eating right) muscle, in order to continue burning fat.