Keto diet without Androsol

OK guys, I want to try a keto diet and as suggested by many t-men, you shouldn’t do it unless you use some form of suppliment such as Androsol to help minimize muscle lose. Here is my problem, I live in Canada where I believe that Androsol is not legal/available. What other suppliments (legal in Canada) can I take while on the keto diet to help reduce my muscle lose?

Thanks for the help

IF you choose to proceed, then make these modifications (at least): do NOT reduce calories to the extent that the FFD does. Reduce them by 500-700 and let the absence of carbs complete the steady process of fat loss. If possible, add glutamine to your diet in the morning, bedtime, and after workouts. finally, make sure you give yourself a mild carb-up day (of healthy carbs) each weekend to protect muscle somewhat.

Try using alpha lipoic acid. You might want to also use a good tribulis or a good zma.

You can still do a keto diet w/o Androsol, but you’ll probably want to stay away from the Fat Fast approach. T-Dawg would be an option (targeted ketogenic diet-carbs centered around workouts and a 24 hr. carb up), or a cyclic ketogenic diet (no pre-post workout carbs, 24-48 hr. carb up). T-Dawg works pretty well but if you’re an anal bastard and want details and absolute maximal fat loss, check out Lyle McDonald’s stuff. This guy is the master as far as the ketogenic stuff goes.

Actually I meant to say if you’re an anal bastard like me-I didn’t want you to think I was insulting you.

Rob, it really depends on how fat you are. If you are like I was(235 big but also fat) then you can stand some muscle loss. Also, ketosis in it’s own right is pretty anti-catabolic. If you are going to go hardcore and do the fat fast, then you better wait until you can get ahold of some androsol.

Rob, while technically Androsol is not legal in Canada, you can most assuredly get it. You can either buy it from Biotest direct or get it from a supplement store if they are progressive enough. Where are you located?

Chris, I live in Ontario in the Toronto area. If you live in the same general area, can you recommend a store that is as you say progressive.

Thanks again for the help.

Actually i would suggest to do the fat fast diet for only 2 weeks at a time (unless you are severly overweight). I tried it with androsol 70sp 2x a day for the 4 weeks and i noticed after 2 weeks i lost a lot of fat, but weeks 3 and 4 i lost some muscle. So my advise is to do it for 2 weeks with or without androsol. Then try experimenting…either take 2 weeks of then start again or take one week off then start again or take the weekend off and start again…let me know which one works the best.