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Keto Diet with a Dislocated Shoulder Injury

Hey guys, i have some questions regarding training on a keto diet with a dislocated shoulder injury.
I dislocated my shoulder on 11/11/11(lucky me…) and i’ve been packing on a bit of fat, so i decided to follow a keto diet, my reasoning is because i can’t lift heavy amounts of weight.

So im currently 188lbs and i follow a 2200 calories diet, 65% fat, 30% protein, 5% carbs. I do complexes 3x a week(Mon,Wed,Fri) followed by 40 mins of SS cardio and i do HITT 1-2 times a week(Tues and Sat or Thurs).

My question is, since i can’t necessarily lift what can i do instead to have a healthy cut, while being in a ketosis state? (im trying to prevent as much atrophy as possible)

This picture is of me yesterday.

I’m in the same boat, my shoulder dislocation happened on 12/6/11. I’m also following a keto type diet for the next couple of weeks, mixed in with IF to see how that goes. What sort of complexes are you doing? I can’t even do push ups as of yet.

So far, in trying to keep the fat gains down I’ve been doing an hour of steady state cardio on a treadmill/bike 5 days a week and try to aim for around 500kcal burned. I’m eating around 2500 calories though, I’d rather try and preserve as much muscle as possible, cutting down later will be easier when I’m able to lift weights (at least in my experience)