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Keto Diet vs Low Carb?

I know both diets are great when one wants to burn fat at a rapid rate. However, what is the difference really? i know keto diets do usually have anywhere between 30-50g of carbs?

Which would also be more optimal with someone who has 20% body fat or more? Iv read on this forum that anyone under 15%, a keto diet is optimal for them but someone with a high body fat it is not.


Ketosis is a biological process more than a diet. different people require different things for that to happen. If you really want to get into ketosis, you’d have to buy the test strips. It generally requires extremely low carbs (<30) and even low amounts of protein.

I don’t know that there is anything substantially magical about ketosis, but you could always try it and see if it works for you.

there’s not, but for some reason people seem to think there is.

If you want to give keto a try, then you need to get like 70% of your calories from fats, which isn’t easy to do. If I remember rightly you get 25% of your calories from protein, and 5% or less from carbs.

60/40 (fat/protein) 30g of carbs.

Carbs are not written in stone. Some are fine on 50 others need to never go over 30.

The re carb us were most people screw up.

Oh, and the initial phase.

This. Traditionally, keto diets have very little carbohydrate, low protein and high fat. Low carb diets typically have at least moderate amounts of protein and are usually a bit more generous with carbs.

In the end, being in ketosis is going to be the deciding factor.

From my experience having done both low carbs and keto, I would highly recommend low carb.

As others have already stated, keto diet is high dietary fats, moderate protein and extremely low carbs, basically carbs coming only from some fibrous veggies. I did keto for about 6 weeks total on my last prep, it did work nicely for a little while but eventually the lack of carbs was causing too much brain fog for me and my training was suffering.

Essentially you start the keto diet, and within about a week or so your body starts producing more “ketones” and you’ll use those for fuel instead of glucose. So you’ll naturally start burning more body fat. The tricky thing can be you absolutely have to stick to the macro ratios because if you have too many carbs, even too much protein, you’ll be “kicked out” of ketosis.

A low carb diet or carb cycling plan, just IMO, is best. I felt like crap when I trained on the keto diet.

You wrote you want to burn fat at a rapid rate, do you have a date or event in mind or are you just trying to get lean?

Another thing about keto is when you eventually transition out of it, you have to be very careful as you add carbs back in and your body gets used to them again.

The “optimal” diet for someone who wants to lose fat is one that creates a caloric deficit and one you can stick to, there’s really not a lot of magic to it. Calculate your TDEE, start with a 10% caloric deficit and make sure you are sticking to your diet, training hard, and have at least 2 cardio conditioning days in your training plan.

Weight loss is very simple, you need to consume less calories than you burn. So, if you are “dieting” but you’re not losing weight, then you’re eating too many calories.

Be sure to post back with any questions!