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Keto Diet Question


So i wanna start the keto diet, and i am aware it is a high fat/moderate protein/low carb diet. My question is strictly towards the carb part of this diet. Would the majority (if not all) of my carbs be consumed before and after my workout? And for the rest of the time the protein and fat would be consumed. This is what i have my diet structured at right now

- 3 scrambled eggs
- 1/2 cup of yogurt

- 2 egg whites
- 25g of protein

- chicken salad
- fat free dressing (usually id just cover this in hot sauce cause i absolutely love it)

- 2 egg whites
- 25g of protein

- 1/2 cup rice and chicken
-workout 2 hours later

post workout
- protein shake,creatine, multivitamin

1 1/2 hour after workout
- 1/2 cup of rice

id usually snack on almonds all day too.

Let me know how to tweak/improve or what im doing wrong here.

Thanks guys!


snacking on almonds all day might not be a good idea. You should set aside a certain ammount of almonds that you can snack each day. They contain a lot of calories, and also carbs, to much nuts might ruin your chances of ketosis. Also vegetables, besides from the salad?


Also get a guide to very low carb diets from http://www.shelbystarnes.com/store.html. It's 10 $ or something and straight to the point


Also with the rice in your diet pluss the almonds, you will be consuming to many carbs. and why are you hatin on the eggyolkes?


for keto diets you typically have LESS THAN 30 GRAMS OF CARBS PER DAY


really? just 30g? i have read places where people have consumed anywhere from 50-100 while still keeping their fat level and protein level higher and they have obtained results.


thats called a low carb diet... not a keto diet


People on high carb low fat have obtained results to, but that doesn't make it a ketogenic diet


Between the 1/2 cup of rice, the yogurt, the dressing (fat free?), and the almonds, I can assume you are taking in far too many CHO (carbs) to enter ketosis.

Sub some almonds for oils, the yogurt for cheese, the rice for walnuts (lower CHO than almonds), and avoid snacking all day. As the coach Erick Minor suggests, it can actually be helpful to have gaps between meals longer than the traditional bodybuilding gaps when in a ketogenic state.