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Keto Diet or Carb Cycling?

is keto really good for lifters… or carb cycling is better? as idk if i should be off carbs for ever

Keto can be good for periods, but eventually you’ll need carbs. For most, carb cycling will work out better purely because you won’t be as likely to crash off it and binge on shit, taking you back to square one. Plus hormones etc and performance will benefit.
Try 10 days or so with no carbs then if you want to add in carbs around the workout and play around with it til it works for you

Agree. Keto is largely inflexible. The anabolic diet may be better but I think carb cyclic works best in the long run.


What is your current goal?

my current goal is keep is lean bulk aka i do0nt want to gain any fat…
my diet is around 2200 calories… 210 protien120 fat and 50 carbs …
i added before and after photo … that the current me

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whats anabolic diet

Considering your current levels of leanness and likely improved insulin sensitivity, I would look at slowly adding carbs back in. It will help with muscle protein synthesis and most importantly, gym performance. Not to mention you may get some benefit from increased thyroid output. Low carbs for a long period of time can inhibit thyroid output turning down your metabolism.

Try adding 25 grams a week until you’re up to 150 or so and see how you feel and look.

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You need a separate post documenting your transformation. Incredible work!


I agree. I am not great with carbs-I tend to lose energy and sleep if I try a cab up for more than a day, but I still do best at around 150 grams a day, cycling between 75-250. 50-75 grams are going to be peri-workout. I feel fine with peri workout carbs but if down carbs every meal for 2 days I just feel sluggish, and it’s not from high or low blood sugar. Anyway, at the OPs level of carbs he is kind of in a gray area between “carb control” and “very low carb diet”.

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You eat protein and fat, meat eggs with very low carbs for 5 days a week and then low fat carbs and lean protein for 2 days a week.

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to be honest nothing there… i did keto and cheated on it eating oats and lifting i did ben bukulski style

@MarkKO remember me?

thanks guys… i forgot to mention i went from 97 kilo to 78 in that photo

You should be incredibly proud. One of the best transformations I’ve ever seen. How long did it take you…give me some hope and say 3 years :).

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Holy wow @rymo51 I do remember. Looks like you actually got your shit together. Well done.

Oh, and what I’d do (pretty much what I did): add 100 calories per day, keep your macros as they are because obviously that works for you. Do that for six to 12 weeks. Then add another 100 calories per day, repeat.

While doing that, pay attention to the mirror more than anything because your scale weight can (and probably will) go up and down a bit. It’s a slow and occasionally nerve wracking process, but it seems to work. I’m about six months in myself.

after i finally got serious…15 month,…it happens so fast when u love doing it :smiley:
this is a sport when u love doing it it gonna repay u


thanks sir… looks like u got lean ur self too…how did u do it ? what diet and how much u weigh now ?

Not quite as lean as you though. I used this mostly

I’m pretty much the opposite of you, I do better on higher carb/lower fat. My sweet spot for carbs is somewhere in the 250-350 grams per day bracket, with protein around 190-210 grams. Fat anything between 50 and 75 grams per day seems to work.

I’m sitting around 191-193 lbs these days (87-88 kg). The lowest I went was around 181 (82.5 kg) at the end of my dieting phase which would have been March I think. Since then I’ve been slowly upping calories and trying to stay at a decent level of leanness, which seems to be working well enough so far.

funny the thing i love eating makes me fat once i went low carb almsot keto i got leaner so fast
standing at 79 kilo and wanna gain muscle… tying to know how to do it without gaining fat
but sometmies on my hard workout days my hungry levels r super high

I totally understand where you’re coming from. What I’ve been trying to do is very gradually up my calories so my body gets used to being leaner. Since I stopped actively dieting down around March, I’ve only gone up by 300 calories per day.

Now, while I’m not really overly familiar with keto/auper low carbs at all, it obviously worked for you so I’d be hesitant to say change everything. What you could try would be this, and I’m going to go ahead and tag @robstein so he can pull me up on any mistakes:

Phase 1 - add around 50 grams of carbs per day on training days only, and have it all during and after training. So, something like dextrose or maltodextrin would probably work well. That’s an extra 200 calories per training day, which isn’t much. Do that for something like six weeks to two months.
Phase 2 - add an extra 50 grams of carbs per day on training days, so you’re at a total of 100 grams per training day. Spread it immediately before, during and after training - so maybe oats before and after on top of the dextrose. Do this for another six weeks to two months. You could possibly drop you fat to compensate for the extra calories from carbs if you feel the need, but I think it’ll be unnecessary
Phase 3 - start adding 100 grams of carbs to your non-training days too, either spread throughout the day or just in the morning and evening, from sources like oats, rice and potatoes. Do this for another six to eight weeks
Phase 4 - by now your body should be pretty well adjusted to using more carbs so you could start gradually adding more and more until your find your sweet spot for lean growth