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Keto Diet, Need Help


Ok so I found a doc that managed to keep my ulcer under control even when I eat fats(had big problems with that).
So now I want to get shredded as I am about to start a test e bulking cycle on 1'st of march.
I want to try the keto diet BUT with all the info out there I am to confused.
I have about 16% BF and around 80kg total.

I want that fat gone and fast, I want my abs to rip my shirt, I want my abs to be seen from the fkin moon!
Can anyone help me set up a keto diet for the next 5 weeks?
How many g of protein, how many grams of fat and how many carbs?
How many calories/day should I give my body?

What food would be best? pnut butter? oil in my food? or?
Also while on the keto diet can I still use Bushido's gold nugget(2 chocolate bars+40g of whey protein 40 mins before w/o)?

I really am sick of my ugly invisible abs and I wont go on a bulking cycle before I can see abs.
Dont want to look like a wild bore, want to look like a shredded dragon!
I might not get there in 5 weeks but I sure want to try and if I fail the time frame I'll just diet longer.


Shredded as, or before, bulking cycle?

I vote for before.

Ketosis is a little different for everyone.

Some will get knocked out of ketosis from eating any carbs. Some people can stay in ketosis up to around 50 grams or so.

You should shoot for zero (zero) carbs for ketosis. Anout 60% calories from fat, 40% from protein.

Peanut butter is not a good choice as it has a healthy dose of carbs.

Stick to meats and leafy greens. Butter is fine. Oils are fine.

No, on a keto diet you cannot carb-up pre-workout. That will knock you out of ketosis.

In ketosis you are basically sacrificing everything else to burn fat quickly.


One question regarding low carb diets....how do veggies factor in? For example, if you eat a bag of steamed broccoli and it has 12 grams of carbs and 4 grams of fiber, would that count as 12 grams or as 8 grams (net carbs)? Or would you just not worry about eating them at all? Just curious...


If you aren't seriously opposed to raw eggs, organic heavy whipping cream poured on organic raw eggs before you gulp them down should become your best friend


most dont worry.


Wondering is ketosis would still be on if I would only eat protein after the first week on the diet.
Basicly eat proteins and fat for 1 week till the body enters ketosis and gets used to it then just eat the protein and let the body suck on the fat it already has, would this work?(dont care about how healty it would be just if it would work, f healthy I can manage non healthy for a month).


No. Chances are if you're only supplying your body with protein, it will start learning to use it as an energy source, or at least become more efficient at using it, and you'll have greater muscle breakdown. You want your body to either use carbs, or use fats, as energy, not protein. Also going on cycle when you obviously don't have your nutrition/training in check? Why? Save the gear for when you need it.


Mercury I do not intend to go on a cycle before I am beyond lean, that's why I want to do this keto diet.
Well if I can't stay of fats I'll just down the fat intake to the minimum I can work with.

Found an online keto calculator and after I used my data with it I got 207g of protein/day and 125 grams of fat in order to take of 0.5kg/week and not destroy any muscle. And as half a kilo/week is shit I'll try and cut the fat down to 70g/day and keep protein at 207g and hope for the best.
Thanks for the input!


Check out broccoli sprouts. Gets rid of ulcers caused by h-pylori bacteria.


Will do, thanks, one can never have nuff remedies for damn ulcers!


So the OP is confused by all the information surrounding the keto diet (not to mention making ridiculous threads about mixing whey powder with an egg to create a "brownie") yet fancies himself engaged in his fitness journey enough to start cycling AAS.



Yeah actually I am confused as every fkin site has it's own keto "plan". Some incorporate carbs 1/week, some dont, some cry about muscle wasting and others say it's bs and so on.
Sory for disturbing your view with questions about a diet plan, guess I should ask my mom why she did not make me a genius like you.
As for the brownie wtf is your problem with it? You to cool to make your own brownie? Or is every guy in the gym obliged to buy a brownie if he wants one. How about if I fkin hate the taste of whey mixed with water? And I prefer the damn brownie?
And what the fuck does me not knowing about the keto diet and me making brownies have to do with an AAS cycle? What fucked up brain could even mix those 3 things together? Keto diet, brownies and AAS... Send me some of the shit you're on man, I could use a high every now and then.
And it's not my first cycle, it would be my second, first one was a susta 250 cycle.

And no, I aint mad, I just like pissing on the pissers.


well it is very important for the ulcer patients to avoid of high cholesterol foods , exercise is the best thing for ever...


Keto = ultra low carb. For most people the magic number is 30. Don't go over 30g carb a day.

Do not, i repeat DO NOT cut fat on a keto diet. First you will get flat, tired and weak, then your brain slows down, then you start having serious health issues. Your body does not need carbs, as it can produce Ketones for the brain to use. Your body does however need fat and protein. you need it for fun things like living, and being alive.

Eat butter, bacon, macadamia, coconut oil, olive oil.
Staying high fat on a keto diet will not only make everything easier, including sticking to the plan, but it will also help you lose fat while keeping muscle, and your will to live.


Thanks a lot for the info, I'll keep it simple then and stick to the 125g of fat and 207g of prot. That would keep me into the 2000 cal/day limit and should be fine.


i would highly recommend a CKD over a true keto diet


i would recommend something like Kiefers CarbNite (having a huge refeed every week, from high GI crap like donuts)


MAF14 not sure what the diff is.
Defiance I intend to but only after the first 2 weeks, as I understand that is the time needed for the body to get used to the keto diet.


Yes, i did 10-14 before my first refeed, then about once a week, depending on how i felt/performed. Just remember to eat crap, eat lots of crap, and drink plenty of water.


That will be the most simple part of the whole diet :slightly_smiling: