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Keto Diet Help


hey guys i wanna start keto and im gathering informations i need to not screw up. i have a couple of questions which i hope you will help me. so first is in 30g or less carbs do i include fibers or just count them separately? i know you dont do hiit, and rather do liss walking or such, but i dunno if i can use caffeine pre workout? can i use stevia to sweeten my coffee or just drink it black, or skip coffee altogether?

and last is i need 175g protein and 190g fat, and i could use advice on what food choices i take. i know i need to use olive oil, chicken, turkey, eggs, green salad, cheese, but what about peanuts and almonds i know they have some carbs, but i could fit them in 30g..any other food i can combine? and also i know i can use psyllium and flax seed ( which also have alot of fat) but they have alot of fiber (thats why i asked about counting fiber in total carb intake or not)


Having run Keto a few times: and these are only My observations.

Fiber does not count in the carb count.
Vegetables unlimited except starchy ones.
Coffee is Invaluable as Both a Thermogenic and CNS stimulant.

Meat, Salmon, Eggs, Nuts, Hard cheeses, Avocado . . et al.

Huge amounts of Water, and a Solid Multi Vitamin !

If you do it correctly by day 4-5 you will have brain fog.
If you do it correctly you will be Intolerable by day 7
If you do it correctly you will be Shredded by day 13.

Then again, you did not say if you have VISABLE Abs to begin with ?
So what so you… Got Abs ?


abs are showing, 4 upper, but i carry some fat in lower and lovehandles…thanx for help


how does this look:

  1. meal : 4 eggs + 10g psylium
  2. meal : 100g emmental cheesse + 15 g almonds
  3. meal : 200g chicken + 200g lettuce + 1 tablespoon olive oil+ 15g mayonaise+ 15g flax seed
  4. meal : same as meal 3
  5. 100g emmental+ 15g almonds + 10 g psylium

that gets total of : 175 g protein, 47g carbs but 33g are fiber, 180g fat


Like Killerdirk, I’ve run keto many times in the past and would echo his advice. In addition, here’s my tuppence worth:

I’d say use the 30g CHO ceiling to include carbs from all sources, including green veg. It is difficult to go wrong when you do this. Trying to budget small amounts of starch and/or fructose to fill this quota is more problematic.

I would also say it is still worth using whey hydro/isolate and/or amino acids around workout time. I know the leucine triggers an insulin response but in the grand scheme of things I think it is minimal and the pay-off is you get more aminos flooding the bloodstream when you need them.

I also wouldn’t advocate early Anabolic Diet recommendations, which is a bit like the Atkins Diet where anything goes as long as it’s protein and fat. More informed choices involving quality meats, and fats from sources like almonds (almond butter), eggs, avocado. Hard cheeses are also ok but I believe dairy causes a greater acidic response in a diet which will already be largely acidic in its make up. This is why green veggies at every meal is a good move. A greens drink and even a tablespoon of lemon juice upon rising may help to offset this.

Watch calories. It is still energy in versus out at the end of the day.

Finally, don’t use any carb-up as an excuse to over-eat. This is one of the greatest challenges to any restriction and reward style diet, and I know I personally screwed up here on many occasions early on.


As JamesBrawn007 said : “Hard cheeses are also ok but I believe dairy causes a greater acidic response in a diet which will already be largely acidic in its make up.”

I had forgotten about this. To help counteract this, one can take 1 tablespoon of Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in 12-`16 oz of water with the meals that have cheeses and or meats with them.

The reason being that even though vinegar by nature is an acid, it converts to a base in the body.
This will help keep the body a bit more balanced.
Remember though, that the body maintains a Very Narrow pH of 7.35-7.45
So there is not a whole heck of a lot of change.

As far as vegetable, the ones that have the higher amounts of Fiber are going to be your better choices.
The reason for this is that the more fiber you are consuming with a meal the slower the rise in insulin levels.
So by eliminating most carbs from your consumption, you are keeping your blood glucose levels much more stable.

Here is my morning food intake, which has not changed now in three years:

1/4 cup Almonds
1/4 cup Pistacios
1/4 Sunflower seeds
3 Tbs. Chia Seeds

50 grams FAT
20 grams Protein
20 grams Carb
25 grams FIBER

This is eat at about 7 am +/-
Then at 10 am I eat the following

4 extra large or jumbo eggs
6 oz of Ham or Chicken
4 oz Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese
1 Large Avacado
Vitamin Supplements…

This will hold me over until 1pm when I start to put in my veggies as well as the rest of my food.

Hopefully I will be posting some blood glucose numbers this coming or the following week.
I will be doing this to show where my morning number is before food consumption and then30-45 minutes post consumption.
Just to give people an idea of how much the blood glucose levels rise.

Hopefully I will be able to convince some of my nursing school classmates to test their levels and then eat their typical breakfast.
All in the name of science…


i can combat acidic ph of blood with lemons ( i have some room with carbs) which are the most alkaline food there is


I’d recommend not worrying about acid and base, really.

There are some metabolic conditions that can cause the blood to be too acid or alkaline but these are uncommon and are not the result of diet choices contrary to the acid/alkaline people’s recommendations.

The human body is very good at regulating its pH.

It does not take choosing foods to do this.

It does not take leaching calcium from the bones to do it, as these people claim.

Just to illustrate the impossibility of these claims, these authors say the body MUST leach calcium in response to an acidifying diet.

Any teenager who, we can see, greatly increases his skeletal mass in his teen years while having an acidic diet the whole time absolutel disproves this untrue theory.

Don’t worry about it. If following good nutrition according to principles that pay no attention at all to acid/base, you’ll do fine.

I could go further – in particular, in how they calculate the whole thing which just comes out to sheer inanity when looked at closely – but the above counterexample should be enough to show that these people are living in a contrafactual world.

Or lastly: Really, in one million BC was one caveman really saying to another, “Zog, you idiot! Don’t you know that that thistle root was acidifying? You must now eat some deer penis, it is alkaline forming!”

So how has a need for personally managing your blood pH by your food choices, otherwise you’ll helplessly lose calcium from your bones, only suddenly developed?

A fad.