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Keto Diet After Acute Pancreatitis

I had acute pancreatitis about 2 months ago. I’m fully recovered now. I’m planning to cut in the next few weeks and start a keto diet for approx 6 weeks. 20 years old, just want to shed some excess fat. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar situation to this and whether it would be safe or not? My family does have a history of diabetes.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I don’t know what pancreatitis really is, but people prone to diabetes usually do well on low carb diets. However, going keto is too much, IMO. You can do keto for a month, as an induction phase, shedding the fat. And then up the crabs to 50g/day(which is kinda the low-carb gold standard).

What led to the pancreatitis???

My doctor said it was due to me being allergic to an ingredient in one of the supplements I was taking. He said sup companies dont have to list all the ingredients they use in the production of them and I happened to be allergic to one of them. The only thing I could think that it would be was Stak because I finished it 2 weeks before I had pancreatitis. Prior to that I was just on protein/creatine/vitamins, nothing else.

It would seem that a Keto diet would not be advised…nor any other diet that will cause rapid weight loss.

I have chronic pancreatitis which I became aware of because of an acute attack. Before this I used do get cut using keto diets all the time, especially Body Opus. Since I have chronic pancreatitis I have trouble digesting fats(get the runs)and therefore a high amount of fats is now out of the question for me and so are keto diets. If your doctor is correct and it was only an acute attack caused by a certain substance, then you should be fully recovered and would have no issues on a keto diet.

thank you everybody :slight_smile:

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I love how doctors leap to blame the supplements. In this case he may be right, but I bet he couldn’t actually come close to proving it.

Anyway, I would advise against keto diets in your case. Low carb; yes. No carb; no.

It will be stressful on your body. Protein is aciding and this will force the pancreas to secrete elevated bicarbonate into the duodenum, to compensate.


Bushy not to hijack the thread but that’s pretty interesting stuff. Can you educate me on the role and effects of the pancreas while having an acidic diet. I ask because my diet is usually on the acidic side. I’ve also read information by holisitic type nutritionists that pancreatitis sufferers should stay away from an acidic diet.

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Ok Bushy thanks for your help.