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Keto Diet Advice

I’m starting a Keto diet tomorrow and I just wanted some advice from people that have done one before. I’m doing it for the purpose of dropping body fat percentage of course. I’m 19 years old, with a percentage around 18% and wanted to get that down to at least 12% before I went into a creatine-loading phase. Is a 2,000 calorie limit good for weight loss? I follow a HIT routine (weights to failure) 3 days out of the week and I also do HIIT (cycling) during the week as well as jogging just for a little added fat burning and overall cardio fitness and health.

I wanted some advice on the carb-loading 24-30hr period. What is healthy carb-loading? Based on a calculator I did, I’ll be eating over 3,000 calories during that period, and I find it seemingly hard to do that clean while at the same time keeping fats scarce. Can someone just give me some practical advice on how to properly carb-load without overdoing it or wrongly doing it? Thanks.

I’m in generous mood tonight so will give you some genuine advice despite the fact you should be doing some basic article research on the T-Nation site!

A CKD for dieting is so simple it almost defies common sense:

  1. Aim for 1 - 1.5g protein per lbs of bodyweight.
  2. After the determining the caloric value of (1), aim for that amount of calories in Fat. So if you ingest 900kcals worth of protein per day, add to that 900kcals of fat = 1800 total kcals. You can adjust from that.
  3. Ingest no more than 50g carbs per day (personally I aim for 30g max).
  4. Consider an initial transition stage to allow your body to move into ketosis, i.e. 10-14 days, or longer.
  5. (My personal view) Keep any carb-loading in perspective. Many CKD dieters, and I include myself in this category in the past, get obsessed about these diets in order to ‘abuse’ themselves during the nominated carb-up period. A food free-for-all, etc, is counter-productive and simply bad for your health. Play it sensibly and your fat loss goals will be reached quicker.
  6. Eat good fats, quality protein, and derive carbs from greens and a little low GI fruit.
  7. Read, absorb and live your daily life on the CKD bible that is Thibaudeau’s Refined Physique Transformation article (this contains ALL one really needs to know about the topic - and it’s FREE!)