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Keto article in MM

Did anyone read this months MM. It had an article about how the keto diet doesnt work by Nelson Montana. Except he didnt talk about the diet itself really. He mostly ranted on Lyle McDonald. I guess because he credits Lyle McDonald with the keto diet. But my experiences on info on the keto diet are mostly from Dan Duchaine, DiPasquale, TC (T-Dawg), and Brock (Fat Fast). I thiught Lyles book was pretty good, what does everyone else think?

Didn’t read the article but keto diets have worked very well for me. They need to be done correctly for results but diet is also very individual so keto my work better for some than others.

Did’nt read the MM article, I let my subsrcription run out a couple of years ago. I won’t even read it for free at chapters. I think Lyle Mcdonald picked up where Duchaine left off. For those of us who are slow fat losers, it was Lyle who suggested shortening carb ups to 24 hrs. or even once every two weeks. He also came up with some interesting theories about why carbing up every two hrs isn’t neccessary. In general I think he made CKD’s much simpler to follow and more successful for everyone. Before reading Mcdonald, bodyopus never really worked for me. I would just regain everything I had lost within the 48 hr. carb up.

I think there is a reason why Nelson Montana doesn’t write for T-mag anymore

I guess I’ve done a pseudo keto diet. The last time I dieted down I ate high protein/moderate fat with one eat day per week. I kept this up for 5 months and had no strength loss until I got to sub 9%bf levels. My energy was always up and I never experienced the drained feeling some have described with low carb dieting. About the only thing I would say to make sure of is that you get enough fiber. I used gound flax seed in my protein drinks and ate plenty of salads and no carb veggies.


I agree with Magnus. Lyle’s book gives a real world run through of Bodyopus. It’s an easy read and includes much additional information and improvements to Bodyopus. Some people don’t do well on keto diets and some people need keto diets to shed fat. I haven’t read the MM article (or an MM article in the last 2 years), but I don’t think blanket statements can be made about diets unless there is a larger test group that shows the diets don’t work.


In what way did Nelson Montana knock the keto diets(I don’t read MM anymore)? I always get in the best shape of my life doing the bodyopus diet but tweaking the carb up to Lyle McDonalds’ recommendations.

What magazine was this in again?..page ##?
I looked in MM in the store, but saw no such article…anyway, keto diets do work, and lyle’s book IS VERY GOOD…so whoever the fuck nelson montana is, get him the fuck out of here.

I don’t think it was MM i.e. Muscle Media. That guy writes a lot for MuscleMag. I guess that’s MM too, but is better known as “that piece of monkey shit mag”.

Lyle McDonald and T-Mag have done MORE for my diet and training than ANY other expert/magazine. Lyle’s approach made the CKD tolerable…something that Mr. Bodyopus himself couldn’t do for me, although there are some that could handle Duchaine’s rec. Lyle also took the time to correspond with me via e-mail, and this speaks volumes about what type of person he is. I haven’t seen the alleged article, but I’m not putting any stock into it.

Its pretty funny that some people dont know who nelson montana is. search tmag for his name and youll see some articles by him. hahahahahah.

I am sorry, the mag was Muscle Mag. I dont regularly read it, just when Bill Starr has a good article in it or Will Brink has something good in it. This artilce about the failing of keto diets, didnt really talk about why keto diets fail. It just ragged on Lyle McDonald. And I agreee with everyone here. McDonalds book is one of the best diet books I have read, and helped me lose alot of fat.