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Keto, Anyone?


Maybe because pepperoni can contain nitrates, which could be a carcinogen.

I'm interested in keto only because my woman is looking for ways to get leaner. Do you guys just run it for a few weeks and then bring back the carbs for a week? Can't extended keto ruin your metabolism? Or does the weekly re-feed eliminate the need to back off?


Well apparently so does peanut butter. Maybe you shouldn't eat peanut butter!

Anyway, point being, in moderation it's definitely okay.

Keto does not ruin your metabolism, but I would not suggest straight keto. Throw in a refeed at the end of the week (CKD), especially if your broad does weight training.

So for 2 weeks (induction phase) while she's entering ketosis, have her eat <30 NET carbs per day. At the end of the 2 weeks, start with a 8-12 hour carb-up, and then from there go a week <30g again, and a refeed at the end of the week. She may be able to extend the refeed depending on how she looks and feels, but I generally don't suggest more than 12-15 hrs. for females.


It will not negatively affect your metabolism. Ill reccommend the AD. Its not actually a keto diet, but very effective. Dr. Di Pasquale have a free abrigded version of the book available on metabolicdiet.com - check it out.


Well, AD is keto...but it just gives you the option of having a higher fat refeed. Which, IMO, isn't the MOST optimal, but if it works for you then go for it. I don't have super low fat refeeds, because I find that I fill out too fast...I just have a moderate amount to slow down digestion somewhat.


Your not supposed to be in a state of ketolysis on the AD, however you might drop in and out of it. I believe Pasquale discusses this in the book.