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Keto, Anyone?


Anyone in here on a keto diet? Have you had success with it?


I am, well sort of - I started a cut based on carb cycling and wasn't getting the results I wanted..so for the past 6-8 weeks I have been on zero carb with a weekly cheat meal.

It has worked excellently and I have managed to carry on progressing through the 5/3/1 for probably 2+ cycles now..

Overall I dropped 14lbs in 12 weeks and carried on increasing all of my lifts.


I've done it before, but where I failed, is I struggled to get calories in as I was just never hungry enough to eat what was required for maintenance, or even fat loss. I also did it a la Anabolic Diet, which now, I realize in my opinion is not the best option as it encourages eating of low quality, shit foods.


Adam, nicely done!

Gabex, you don't HAVE to eat shitty foods on a keto diet. Just get good quality fats and protein!

What I like about the diet most is that I keep my strength up, my energy up, and I don't really feel like I'm dieting. The food tastes great, I have no cravings, I'm rarely hungry, and since I'm quite small (5'2", 127) I don't get a lot of calories with fat loss...so it allows me to eat less but not really feel like I am :slightly_smiling:


I was on a carb cycling diet for 15 weeks, this past july through october, most of my days being low carb days (less than 90 or less grams a day). I dropped 51 pounds and was still very very strong. My squat and DL went up but my bench exercises all went down. Only by about 3% on average but it was for a deadlift only so I didnt care.

It can and does work.


I dropped 25 pounds in 12 weeks last spring on very low carbs 6 days a week. Bench progress stopped, deadlift went up, squat went down. Within a month of comming off of it my lifts were all bigger than they were to start with though.


How did your weight rebound??

I am thinking of re-introducing carbs at the minute, been dieting for about 15 weeks overall now.


How the hell does the AD encourage eating shit foods? Have you even read the book? For some reason a lot of people seem to think that the carb up somehow equals "cram down as much junk as possible in 48 hours". Obviously, this is not how it is supposed to be done.


Also, for anyone considering a low carb approach, check out SteelyDs thread called "la cucina italiano anabolica" or something like that. Lots of great recipes.


I've tried a few different keto diets...I really think they are the way to go in terms of fat loss, but cutting carbs sucks...dieting sucks.

One of the more motivating aspects of ketogenic diets is the immediate weight loss from dumping sugar and water....Demotivating aspect is, sucking that water and sugar back up (that's if you're trying to use a scale to measure weight loss).

I'd highly recommend doing skinfold measurements as well as tape measurements to help you along the way, especially if you're doing a cyclic ketogenic diet to get a better idea of what is happening, because your weight is going to fluctuate quite a bit after the refeeds.


You weigh yourself the morning OF, or the morning before your refeed. You don't need to weigh more than once per week.

And if you're so bloated and heavy that you keep your water weight for the entire week following a refeed, you most likely spilled over and refeeded wrong.


Yes, I have read the book. Let's look at some suggested snacks, FROM THE BOOK:

pepperoni, cheese

saltines, cheese spread

Sounds like 2 health foods to me.. ya


What's "unhealthy" about cheese?


Your reading comprehension must be as bad as HallikFrank's.


..okay, I'll bite. How is pepperoni unhealthy?




Theres nothing wrong or unhealthy with cheese or pepperoni.


Thanks, thats the one. Steely knows his way around a grill.


No, thank you lol had no idea it existed til you said something..had to locate it lol


From what I read, it seems like you believe those foods are somehow unhealthy. Explain yourself, please.