keto and NEFAs

I have been looking into keto diets for a while now as I plan to do one in my next cutting phase, but the other day during a lectur at UNI my lecturer stated that during ketosis lipolysis occurs from visceral fat and produces Non Esterified Fatty Acids (NEFAs).
He went on to state that NEFAs lead to insulin resistance and therfore decreased muscle glucose uptake, as such coming of a ketogenic diet you would be in a worse postion than befroe in terms of insulin sensitivity. I tried to look this up in various texts (my main reference is usually groff & gropper) but couldn’t find anything in regards to NEFAs- does anybody out there know?

do a search on my name and you should find a post addressing your concerns
The issue is insulin sensitivity is overrated coming off keto: sure, keto diets will alter your insulin sens. during the diet becuase of the high levels of FFA but, coming off, you don’t have such high levels as you reintroduce carbs. Furthermore, ketones have been shown to IMPROVE insulin binding…the key is your transition out of ketosis…begin with a small dose of say honey and some fructose to upregulate liver enzymes repsonsible for insulin activity and introduce carbs slowly after that time…high gi to begin with, then low gi towards the end to avoid fat regain (without getting techinical). Eat the approx. 75g of honey and fructose carbs (for me typically berries) about 8-10hours prior to major introduction of carbs. The thing you have to worrry about is the carb binging…be psychologically ready